Foam of Parmesan

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Parmesan foam, or parmesan wind, it is extremely light substance with a rich flavor of Parmesan cheese. A small detail, unusual addition to risotto or tagliatelli, unimaginably able to change the perception of your dishes as something new and extraordinary.

Due to the stability of the foam, it can be frozen and served in ice, instantly melting in contact with human heat.

for the basics
200 grated Parmesan
180 water
for foam
200 Parmesan broth
1 Lecithin


  1. Heat the water to a boil and add the Parmesan.
  2. Heat the mass until smooth
  3. Remove from heat and leave to saturate the taste for 1 hour.
  4. Strain and store the broth in the refrigerator.

Preparation of foam.

  1. Heat Parmesan broth to 45C.
  2. Add The Lecithin
  3. Using a blender, whip the broth into foam saturating it with air.
  4. To give foam to infuse 1минуту.
  5. Collect with a spoon and serve on top of the risotto or pasta.

Tip: for foam, you can use a crushed shell of Parmesan.

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