Foam sauce hollandaise.

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One of the innovative features that became possible with the advent of professional culinary siphons is easy and fast creation of air sauces. Now there is no need to emulsify in a water bath melted butter with egg base, it is enough to pour all the components into the flask of the culinary siphon, mix and fill with gas. Great result in a few minutes.

Ingredients: recipe of hollandaise sauce using a siphon
250 butter
3pcs egg yolks
1pc egg white
Cayenne pepper
lime juice
lamic zest
for the reduction
20 shallots
80 dry white wine
3-4pcs black pepper
1pcs Bay leaf

1 Melt the butter, remove the foam and cool.
2 Prepare the reduction:

  • chop the shallot and let it sit it in olive oil
  • add wine, and evaporate 3min. adding pepper and Bay leaf.
  • strain reduction.
    3 Mix the eggs, add 50g of reduction. Heat the mixture, stirring to introduce melted butter.
    4 Season with spices and lime juice. Protsedit.
    5 Pour into a siphon, and charge with N2O gas.
    6 Heat in a water bath to 65C. Shake vigorously before serving.


After heating and obtaining the desired consistency of the sauce, during the service, store the sauce at a temperature below 55C. Serve the sauce to fish dishes and complement the eggs "Benedict".

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