The company Nestle has created a cream from algae

2년 전
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Specialists of the company Nestle has developed a non-dairy cream, the basis for which was seaweed and vegetable oil. the product has a soft creamy taste, and its consistency is similar to yogurt. It is reported that the cream is well soluble in hot and cold drinks without folding and can be stored up to six months at a temperature of 20 to 38 degrees. Initially, it was assumed that the product will be intended for coffee, however, manufacturers note that the vegetable analogue of the Sivok can be added to tea, cocoa, other drinks and Breakfast cereals. In addition, the option of cream with a reduced fat content will also be available for consumers. The process of creating dairy-free cream took specialists a very long time, as in the course of work they had to face certain difficulties.

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