29th Runforsteem Payout & 30th Runforsteem Challenge June 17th - June 24th


Payout arrived around 11pm yesterday but I fell asleep. Entries with yesterday's date are eligible for this week's challenge entry.

runforsteem weekly jumowa.jpg


We have concluded 29 weeks of our #RunForSteem Challenge



Click the participant's names to visit their entries


Last week's challenge post made


Everyone receives 0,065 SBD and 0,091 Steem




June 17th

All week until payout next Saturday June 24th - Upvotes have to be placed up to the 5th day after #runforsteem post has been published, not later!

Upvote with 100% Voting Power, resteem this challenge post so we can spread the word about this challenge and participate by going for a run. Then prove you ran by uploading a 30 minute selfie video of yourself running


Just kidding! Using a running protocol app on your phone should do it. Then upload your stats with the given data and date (running app needs to show the date) linking the challenge and myself in your post.

The earnings of this post here will be paid out equally among participants a week later


  1. Follow the Rules!

  2. Upvote 100% & Resteem #runforsteem Challenge Post

  3. Create your post with your running data & date - your running app has to show the date

  4. Link the challenge in your post

  5. #runforsteem has to be included in your tags

  6. Post your entry link in the comments

  7. One entry per person


Thank you Guys and Happy Running!



Get A Run For Steem Shirt

I think amazon.com only ships to US I think, correct me if I'm wrong. I did a test order and it couldn't be shipped to Germany. I will set up possibilities to buy shirts in Europe soon. I tried to make them as cheap as I could - most of the money goes to amazon. I get 1,60$ per shirt.


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Whew, totally appreciated having this contest otherwise I may not have gotten out in this summer heat today! Thanks @jumowa! https://steemit.com/runforsteem/@plantstoplanks/run-for-steem-emphasis-on-steam

I also forget to write the comment last week :-(
My Running post this term:

  ·  작년

I believe you made a mistake with the title, it should start from 17th of June :)

  ·  작년


  ·  작년

you´re welcome! i hope i can take part this week. there is a 10km run on 23rd though, and i already payed for it so there´s no excuse :)

  ·  작년

I see that i forgot to post my link last week, but I did fulfil all the other requirements. Here is my post for this week: https://steemit.com/running/@wolfje/marathon-post-18

We would appreciate it if you voted for us as your witness and anyone else who reads this reply. Voting is easy, just follow this link: https://steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=swisswitness&approve=1 and click on 'continue'.

Thanks a lot!

  ·  작년

What is it you want to do for steemit?

  ·  작년

The idea is to help motivate initiatives that are there to help build communities. We believe that a strong community is crucial for the existence of this platform, over the past several months the platform has stabilised a lot, many people have left during the stagnation and devaluation of STEEM and we want to contribute to strenghtening the platform and working to make it grow naturally with people that want to engage and do stuff for one another.

We are now searching for ideas and initiatives to support this and to help build it grow. Currently we are still in the development phase. As a Swiss Witness our preferred route would be to solidify the Swiss community, but that's only a very small part of the community, so we want to widen our scope and see what ideas pop up.

Sweet, we have shirts now too? YAY!
Also idk if amazon only ships to US. I would think for such a large company it would be not just exclusive to the US.
Resteem & UV completed.

  ·  작년

I tried making a test order to Germany but it wouldnt let me. Will figure this out in the coming days

Last week kept me too crowded to enter, but I'll be back very soon!

Thanks for being MUCH more consistent than me, @jumowa

We are happy to be part of your challenge, thank you @jumowa, and here is our run: https://steemit.com/runforsteem/@eulenews/runforsteem-forest-tracks-waldwege

Here is my entry this week.

Thanks again, @jumowa, and everybody RUN!!!

Thanks for hosting this weekly challenge @jumowa. It really motivates me to do another week long moring runs in a row while increasing the distance every day.

(I only upvoted 40% because you are on my auto-upvote list and the multiple daily posts would totally kill my VP otherwise)

Thanks so much, I have upvoted and resteemed, and here is my latest post for this week:

Regards @run.vince.rum