A collection of Hash House Harrier songs


WARNING: Some people might find these songs offensive and if you are a super-sensitive person, this might not be the best thing for you to read. It also would probably be best if you did not try to be a Hasher, because this is how we roll. We aren't trying to offend anyone but this is how we have fun.

The songs at the end of a Hash run is a big part of the tradition in Hashing. It isn't terribly well known where the songs came from and some of them are global, some of them are regional. If you have a sense of humor they do tend to be funny though.



We celebrate birthdays a little bit different on the H3 (Hash House Harriers.) In the Hash a birthday is not a time for gift giving, it is a time to be extra mean to you and that is precisely what we do when we make you sit on the ice extra long on your birthday, saying meant things to you and eventually, when your butt cheeks are frozen solid, we will sing the following.

Happy birthday, fuck you,
Happy birthday, fuck you,
Happy birthday, you asshole,
Happy birthday, fuck you.

Women Hashers

Women have to understand that the HHH can sometimes appear a bit misogynistic even though it is all in jets. But as a woman visitor you have to expect a little extra attention based on your sex. This again is something that will determine whether or not you belong in the Hash, if something like this offends you, you are in the wrong group.


Of course, this will be follow up with a song, and this is one of the favorites.

Melody – Itself

Why was she born so beautiful?
Why was she born at all?
She’s no fucking use to anyone,
She’s no fucking use at all.
She’s may be a joy to her mother,
But she’s a pain in the asshole to me!

Just a beer song

Not all the songs are rude but are just dedicated to one of our favorite things: Beer.

This can happen at the end of a particularly boring "splash" where there really isn't anything mean that can be said to whoever is on the ice and it simply results in people drinking more beer, which is what we are all about.


Do, Re, Mi
Dough, the stuff that buys me beer
Ray, the guy who brings my beer
Me, the guy who drinks the beer
Far, a long long way to run,
So, I think I’ll have a beer!
La, lalalalala beer
Tea, no thanks I’m drinking beer
Which brings us back to
Drink it down, down, down...

There are hundreds of songs that have all been created by wiseacres from around the world and you can expect to not really know very many of them. There are no official songs or really anything official in Hashing at all, so you can pull a song out of arse and tell people it is a Hash song from a fictional place and they will believe you. We aren't a group of college professors after all. Well, we actually do have one actual college professor in our ranks in Chiang Mai and I am certain many more exist around the globe.

It's a lot of fun, for the right person: Come join us in Chiang Mai to experience it first hand if you get the chance!

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lol, this sounds like a group of people that I would get along with. Beer and songs? I'm in!

I liked my going away song when I left your group

"Piss off ya CT piss off ya CT, piss off you C**T"

I never felt so loved as I did that day.


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