A week of no running

3년 전

I should probably start by saying that there is no big drama here and I hope it stays that way. Last week I had to stop a run because of sudden pain in the upper part of my leg. It felt like shin splints but was too high up, but not knee related either. Went to a sports kiropractor who found that my knee had locked which of course afftected muscles and there was a small inflammation where the thigh muscle attached to the leg. He fixed my knee but recommended a week of healing. I have been running consistent for months now so that should not be a problem (except from my restlessness). I have taken the opportunity to do extra strength training and balance training instead. Fingers crossed that there will be no issues when I try running again. 83voxn.jpg

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Keep on running!

Take your time and resume softly. Hope you heal soon

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .

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