Weekly Running Update


Three runs this week, quite happy with that as I was working at the end of last of week, although that feels like an age away now I've had all my work cancelled for at least two months and we're closer to lock down.

I track most of my runs with Garmin, which auto uploads to Strava.

Weekly running summary:

  • Total kilometres this week: 21K
  • No. of runs: 3

Wednesday's Run - Hill circuits

Screenshot 20200323 at 19.53.49.png

Working in Bristol and there's some nice hills around the Arnos Vale cemetery where I was saying, so I did a mix of hill circuits and a few sprints for around 6Ks -felt a bit wrong to be sprinting around a cemetery though!

Saturday's Run: Keep Running Park Run Solo!

Screenshot 20200323 at 19.52.35.png

Park Run may be cancelled but there is an online initiative where you go out for a 5K blast and post to Strava, which happens automatically anyway, so all I have to do is change the title.

Just under 21 mins, I'll take that - I somehow seemed to be running into a head wind all the way around despite it being a circular route.

I did find it a little annoying that only the top three times get a mention on the Strava group, just the really fast people, that was a bit shit, and demotivating when yer 'solo'.

Monday's Run: 10Ks off-road

Screenshot 20200323 at 19.51.50.png

Another online challenge - I was going to do 10Ks around my local route but took a drive to my local off-road route - it was JUST about OK underfoot, until I got here, at about 8Ks....


Oh well, it was only about 10-20 metres that were that bad! Nice to get some proper muddy shoes.

Surprisingly Strava says I'm trending faster on the main hill half way through, which is odd as I was deliberately taking it easy. Happy days!

Next week's plans

Well I'm aiming for four runs, assuming we don't go into lock-down full mode.

One of them's going to be a mile challenge, as posted by the local running club, never done a fast mile before!

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