Run Journal #14 - Why I Run

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Someone asked me why I have suddenly been so diligent at running. Those who have not known me long enough may think I'm such a fitness enthusiast. Little did they know that before I started this run journal 4 weeks ago, I've actually been leading a rather sedentary lifestyle for more than a year (maybe 2 or even more)!, I don't have less workload than before. Work's always been demanding. And stressful! Perhaps even moreso now than ever. As the saying goes, there's always work to just never seems to end.

So thinking it over, there are a few reasons why I'm trying to make running a habit again. I can think of 4 at the moment:


  1. It's A Choice - I think it's a choice to want to make time for running. This is the part where nobody is gonna discipline you into following a schedule. No manager to ensure you meet your goals; no customers to demand that you finish your run before a set deadline. You can actually skip a run and nobody in the world will care. Except... probably your 'future you' and your love ones. There's a lot of things about the future we can't control. But on those that we can control, we owe it to our future selves to do our part today.

  2. Clears My Mind - Being a programmer, my work requires a lot of thinking and planning. Sometimes I'd get so engrossed that you don't see the forest for the trees. Well on this matter, running really helps -- It's been proven! It's good to get away from your desk and from work every now and then. In fact, some of the new ideas or analysis (not to mention blog ideas) came about while I was in the middle of a run.

  3. Enjoyment - To be honest, I don't know if I can make running a permanent fixture in my daily or weekly routine. I've certainly not been successful in the past. But in any case, let's live in the 'now'. For now, the motivation is there to be active and running happens to be an activity that I enjoy.

  4. My Run Journal - Lastly, I'm treating this as a challenge: to see if I can consistently maintain this Run Journal. I've set a personal goal, though I won't disclose this publicly for now.

Have a great day ahead!

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I Find health related article........from today i'm your follower.........i following you.....Thanks for great of luck.

4 step is too good..


Thanks @sabbir1213! I want to inspire (as well as be inspired) to continue the 'fitness movement'. Let's do this together!

So happy for you. You know what they say about all work and no play. Keep it up!


Thanks @romancereviews. Great encouragement!

great post :) these are a lot of the same reasons i workout at the gym. not a big runner myself but pushing weights is great for improving your mood and giving you some control over your life. just followed you :)


Thanks for connecting @freshee! I've been in and out of gyms myself, but my discipline to be consistent had always been an issue. Great to hear you enjoy it though! Looked up your page, great posts too!

Well said @technerd888! I completely agree with 1,2 and 3! 😄


Thanks @lil-mich! It feels great to be part of this community. That in itself is a motivation to me.

I think this is a fantastic exercise for everyone to do when they embark on a new fitness journey. Making a list of WHY. Knowing your why can help you continue to push through the difficult times (that inevitably will come). And it will help you stay on track to reach your goals!

This is my favorite part of this post "You can actually skip a run and nobody in the world will care. Except... probably your 'future you'"

I never though about asking my clients to picture their future selfs and what would make them happy. This seems like a great technique and I can't wait to implement it!

Just an awesome post. Follow and an upvote from me! :)


Thanks for the encouragement @annemariemay! Love getting to meet fellow health enthusiast here!


Did you miss your run? It's not too late... go and run!

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LOL! Love your memes! Always get me cracking. :)