Run Journal #17 - New Week, New Program

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Latest Run (Week 5, Day 2)

After a 3 day layoff, I was eager to get back running. For today's run, I noted I was able to run comfortably on last week's program so I thought of tweaking my program a bit this week. And so, this week will be 3-sets of 6-minute runs and 3-minute walks, plus an extra 3-minute run. Specifically, the change from last week involves shortening the walk from 4-minutes to 3-minutes, and adding a 3-minute run at the end. This is just to still maintain the 30-minute program.

Frankly, today wasn't a great run for me. If people talk about having bad run days, I would say today could be one of them. I managed to complete the run, but I wasn't comfortable during the intervals. I felt tired and couldn't wait for the program to complete. I'm not sure if it was due to the long layoff, or the more demanding program that my body still haven't adjusted to.

What I will do on my next run is to take the runs at a slower pace. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't want to attempt to beat my personal record every time I go out on a run (which seemed to be what I end up thinking every time). That should not be a priority. Perhaps if I was younger, I could do that. But not for someone in his 40s. Besides I'm not preparing for any competition after all.

Here's the result on today's run:

Jog #1 (6 mins)12:31
Walk #1 (3 mins)15:38
Jog #2 (6 mins)13:02
Walk #2 (3 mins)16:58
Jog #3 (6 mins)13:12
Walk #3 (3 mins)18:14
Jog #4 (3 mins)12:28

And here is my run history:

*** Denotes personal best

Week 5

Training Program - 3 sets of 6-minute runs and 3 minute walks, plus an extra 3-minute run (30 mins)

WeekDayDateDistance (mi)Duration (min)Pace (min/mi)Calories (cal)
15/14No run

Week 4

Training Program - 3 sets of 6-minute runs and 4 minute walks (30 mins)

WeekDayDateDistance (mi)Duration (min)Pace (min/mi)Calories (cal)
475/13No run
65/12No run
35/9No run

Week 3

Training Program

  • Day 5: 1 mile run, 0.25 mile walk, 1 mile run
  • Day 1 - 3: 4 sets of 5-minute jogs and 3 sets of 4-minute walks (32 mins)

(Disclaimer: This is not based on any expert recommended training plan.)

WeekDayDateDistance (mi)Duration (min)Pace (min/mi)Calories (cal)
375/6No run
65/5No run
45/3No run

* Did Not Complete. Run was aborted

Week 2

Training Program

  • Day 3 onwards: 4 sets of 5 minute runs and 3 sets of 4-minute walks (32 mins)
  • Up till Day 2: 3 sets of 5-minute runs and 3 sets of 5-minute walks (30 mins)
WeekDayDateDistance (mi)Duration (min)Pace (min/mi)Calories (cal)
274/29No run
14/23No run

* Incomplete stats. Ran out of battery

Week 1

Training Program: 3 sets of 5-minute walks and 5-minute runs.

WeekDayDateDistance (mi)Duration (min)Pace (min/mi)Calories (cal)
174/22No run
64/21No run
34/18No run

Running Journal Overview: This is a run series journal that I aim to update regularly. My objective for posting is to give myself a check and hopefully implant the discipline of being consistent with my fitness plan into my system. I invite everyone who comes across this journal to also adopt a healthier lifestyle and be more active and fit. Your fitness goals may not be the same as mine, but let's try to achieve our goals together.

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Our running shoes have magic in them -
the power to transform a bad day into a good day;
frustration into speed; self-doubt into confidence;
chocolate cake into muscle.

- Mina Samuels

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