It's the moment of Mizuno

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As announced in the previous episode, today is the turn of Mizuno, a prestigious Japanese company, a long time manufacturer of professional items for different sports.

Mizuno is a leading company in the field of golf and baseball, and for what concerns the field of running is at the top as diffusion and sales volumes worldwide.

Mizuno running shoes were imported into Italy in the late '80s, precisely in the late spring of 1989, and my shop was among the first to receive the delivery of that collection.

They were very technical and extremely light and fast shoes, suitable for real athletes, and that setting has always distinguished the production of Mizuno, which has always distinguished itself as a very flexible and reactive shoe manufacturer, while expanding its range also with products destined for amateur runner.

I have treated the articles of this company for several years, but in the last 3-4 years I have interrupted contacts with Mizuno, unfortunately for reasons beyond my control, for this reason I published a photograph of this elasticized waistband, because I want to add products of my property.

Mizuno is one of the top 5 companies in the world as sales volume, the Wave system that distinguishes its products is now more than tested, having been introduced for twenty years by Japanese technicians, which is composed of a bar made of thermoplastic material with a wavy shape inserted in the midsole of the shoes, able to give an excellent cushioning combined with an elastic and reactive response, so the Mizuno shoes are appreciated for being comfortable and fast, exactly like those of 30 years ago, in version logically updated and modernized.

One of the most representative models is the Rider, the company's best-seller, a very light and comfortable model, with a comfortable and inviting fit, designed for medium-light weight athletes looking for a shoe with a good degree of cushioning without giving up an excellent pushing capacity.

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Post created by @mad-runner as assigned Running Clothes Adviser of @runningproject

Images of my property taken with my smartphone

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Very, very nice, dear @newtechblog


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Good post man!!!
p.s: next time ask me I will give you some mizuno's pics:



I managed to send this post in a small piece of time, I had not thought you were a great fan of Mizuno !!

I know quite a few Mizuno-loyal runners! Another great post @mad-runner. Hope all is well!


Thank you so much for the compliments you have sent me, dear @plantstoplanks.

I have a really chaotic moment, which I have difficulty managing, I can not give up but this year will be very hard.


Well I will continue to send good thoughts your way my friend!