More work in progress


My cousin has been begging me to make her a pair of macrame earrings for some time now. She bought all the necessary stuff and today I got to work. We brainstormed on patterns and after several trials we have reached this point so far...

101808735_259855135085496_1881924935325057024_n (1).jpg

By we I mean me making the knots and her telling me whether she likes the patterns or not 😂


I can't say I am really impressed, as I have never worked on jewelry before and I hate working with such thin cords (it's a real pain in the ass for someone with fingers like mine).


The first one is almost finished for now and I have one more to go...

I'll make sure to update you once the project is finished!

Thanks for stopping by!

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They are really beautiful. I'm sure she will love them.