Ruth cooks: Kolokythokeftedes (zucchini patties)

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Today I wanna share one of my favorite recipes that reminds so much of my childhood. Both Mum and Grandma used to make this a lot when I was younger and is a family favorite summer dish!

I'm talking about...


zucchini patties!


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The basic recipe is:

  • zucchinnis
  • eggs
  • feta cheese
  • self-rising flour (or plain flour with baking powder)
  • salt (if you add too much cheese, go easy with it)
  • pepper

I personally like them best with some extras:

  • a dry chopped onion
  • 1 or 2 fresh chopped onions
  • fresh or dry peppermint
  • chopped dill
  • extra chopped carrot

I don't follow exact doses for this recipe, but to give you an idea: for 2 medium zucchinis I use 4-5 eggs, 150-200 gr feta cheese, flour as much as it takes and I make sure to grate my zucchinis and let them sit in the strainer for at least half an hour to lose as much water as possible (of course squeezing with your own hands helps accelerate the process).

Mix all your ingredients together and fry them in super hot vegetable oil.


The mixture is like a cake batter, so you just pour your patties in the hot frying pan with a spoon, you can't roll them using your hands.


Fry on both sides. Make sure to watch your patties and flip them over before they get overcooked. Use a lot of kitchen paper to absorb as much extra oil as possible and then...




They can be served hot or cold, I love them either way and they make a nice side dish or even main dish.


And with a glass of tsipouro they taste even better!!

Original content by @ruth-girl - 2020 - All rights reserved
Originally posted on HIVE, also shared on my Whaleshares and Steemit blogs

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You sure know how to eat! These look scrumptious. I love to fry food, I'll definitely try these.