Ruth's Workshop: Yet another flower synthesis

2개월 전

This is a project I've been working on for days and I am proud to present it to you despite the flawed details.

ruth-girl flower composition (7).jpg

As soon as I saw that vine pattern on Instagram, I had to try it out and that amazing green cord was perfect for it!

ruth-girl flower composition (8).jpg

The most boring part was the flower petals. They are easy to make, but you need to make a bunch to have a proper flower...

ruth-girl flower composition (5).JPG

ruth-girl flower composition (2).jpg

ruth-girl flower composition (4).JPG

The butterfly right here started as another flower, but as I was looking at the two small pieces I thought I should experiment some more and try make a butterfly. It came out pretty, don't you think?

ruth-girl flower composition (9).JPG

ruth-girl flower composition (10).JPG

Now I need to find the perfect spot in the house to place my new "masterpiece"!!

ruth-girl flower composition (14).jpg

ruth-girl flower composition (13).jpg

ruth-girl flower composition (12).jpg

It looks nice on my crater shelves in the bedroom, but I'd rather have it in room where more people can see it. It has to be in the living room!

ruth-girl flower composition (11).jpg

PS: Thank you for your interest in Hera. She's doing much better today, she had got her spark back by late afternoon and the swelling is almost gone.

ruth-girl hera 3.jpg

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Sweet face you just want to kiss.
I like the butterfly.
It looks really nice with the jar of what looks like milkweed seeds. I like that whole shelf actually, the way it's lit. How did you do that?


Thank you!! Sweet Miss Hera was fully recovered the following day and was ready to get back in action!

The jar actually has a battery-powered mini light on the cork. I bought it last year at one of those 1-euro shops and it came with some Easter decorations in it; but as Easter was over, I removed them and filled it with dandelion seeds. The shelf is nothing more than a greengrocer's crate which I painted and hung on my bedroom wall. I love to re-purpose this kind of "trash" 😄