Your life's game (photopoetry)

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ruth-girl chess (1).JPG

Who is the master?
Who's the pawn?
Your destiny by whom is drawn?

ruth-girl chess (2).JPG

Taking steps back is not an option
Your life you give to show devotion

ruth-girl chess (3).JPG

You fall to keep the others standing
Nothing for you ever demanding

ruth-girl chess (4).JPG

For life a pawn
But not your own
Who claims this game?
You never won

ruth-girl chess (5).JPG

A game of chess your life's mess
You don't decide
You cannot hide

ruth-girl chess (6).JPG

They rule you over
Turn you under
Your life won't be your own
No wonder
Why all this time you can't feel lost
Your only worry is your post

ruth-girl chess (7).JPG

For ever soldier
The one to obey
Will ever come the time they pay?

ruth-girl chess (1).JPG

Original content by @ruth-girl - 2020 - All rights reserved
Originally posted on HIVE, also shared on my Whaleshares and Steemit blogs

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