Snaptube Crorepati Game: Participate and Win Big

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Snaptube has recently launched an exciting contest for its users, which is quite similar to Kaun Banega Crorepati game. The contest would be started from January 22, 2018 and has the daily prize money of worth up to INR 100000. If you are already excited about the event, then read on and learn every essential thing about Snaptube Crorepati game.

Basic rules
Every contest will host 12 questions in total. Participants will get a maximum of 10 seconds to mark their answers for each question.
A participant will be eliminated whenever they would time-out for a question or provide a wrong answer. A Reborn Card can save the participant from getting eliminated.
After answering all the 12 questions correctly (within the provided time), a participant would be announced as a winner. All the winners will split the total money from the cash pool.unnamed.jpg

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