Deer Altar ~ Flower Mandala Offering

3개월 전

I was sharing recently with my experiences around the deer medicine coming in very strongly:

In the coming days, I learned that according to the Mayan Calendar we just entered the 91st-day cycle of the Ninth wave in the energy of Deer/Manik/Kej.

I was being guided to use these deer legs that I found as magical objects, and creating with them an altar offering.


Yesterday I was getting a hint, that I need to do it as soon as possible.
Today things in my reality unfolded in such a way, that my ego would be quick to judge it as something bad happening. But I got it as a message, to use this experience to redirect my energies and to change all my plans.
I made a choice to ride this wave!


Because of all of this, instead of getting lost in being busy, especially with everything that I have going on right now, I brought myself deeper into the presence of the moment. Things aligned and came together for me to create an altar offering for the land, and for tapping deeper into the medicine of this animal spirit, giving thanks...


So much beauty unfolded right afterward!
I was greatly reminded about the magic and perfection of each moment...
We are learning how to ride the waves so much better,
also through our acceptance of the unfoldments within the present,
moving beyond any resistance and relaxing into trust...
Ultimately, everything serves our highest good.
We are unfolding as the vessels for the divine,
deepening on the path of service.
We are learning how to soar very high,
being more gentle with ourselves and others✨🙌✨
Here also coming into more acceptance with all our relations,
expanding deeper into unconditional love.
Unconditional love opens a portal to higher dimensions of reality,
and we get transported into the realm of great synchronicity.
We are rising above lessons and repeating patterns,
and listen more attentively to the spirit whispering to our heart,
guiding the way.


A lot of pink flowers got used in this altar mandala,
and I saw later such an incredibly beautiful hummingbird with a pink head!!
beautiful new potentials opening up!
We are emptying ourselves out to be able to receive fully,
beyond old limitations...
coming back deeper into the present moment... the unity consciousness...
riding the eternal breath... in gratitude!
This life is MAGIC!


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