Sacred Altar

2개월 전

With the current energies shifting so powerfully
I had a need to move one of my main altars
from the heart of downtown,
to my studio in the desert.


Altars are for me like the gateways to the divine,
the realms of magic and sacredness beyond the veil.
They are directing me within,
into the center of my being.
From this place,
I can experience my multi-dimensional self,
expanding to the unity consciousness,
seeing clearly from a higher perspective,
of an enlightened mind and an awakened heart.
From this perspective,
I am a pure vessel for the divine,
anchoring Heaven on Earth.


This is a sacred space for me to ground and receive,
connecting with my higher guides,
working with the energies of the divine feminine.
The Goddess is rising through our hearts!

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