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Death they say is inevitable but why at this young age?

As a nation with various communities on the steemit platform, we have suffered a great loss as one of us passed on to glory. His name is ONOS!

Immediately the announcement of the death was confirmed, a whatsapp group called NIGERIA COMMUNITY WELFARE was created where contributions were made by everyone towards the burial which was planned to take place just some days after the death. So some delegates were asked to go and represent the whole nigeria community which I was part of. We were a total number of 5 persons @NairaDaddy @drigwe @tfame @emmanuel and myself.

According to their tradition, such corpse don't stay long because he's very young in terms of his age so they had to bury him almost immediately and such burial doesn't take long so we had to sleep over at a particular town closer to the village.

The Journey of the Delegates
Myself and @NairaDaddy reside in the same city of Asaba. So @drigwe who stays at a closer city called Onitsha came to meet us. Finally we converged and went to the park to board a bus. We didn't really stay long at the park before we moved. The journey was a 3 hours journey but I didn't really feel the long distance because I was with great minds discussing about crypto and the rest. @NairaDaddy and @drigwe talked extensively about the steemit platform and also about the @air-clinic app and what they plan in achieving with it. I didn't really say anything because I was learning from their conversations. Truly I learnt alot from them and I will put my new knowledge/information to work.

Finally we got to the said city called Ozoro that was closer to the village of the deceased. Meanwhile @tfame and Co were also on their way from their base as well. So while waiting for them, we decided to start scouting for an hotel accommodation to pass the night before going for the burial the next morning. We started scouting for hotels (affordable ones to be precise) because financial contribution had already been made to use to support the family of the deceased. So in order to make sure a reasonable amount gets to the family, we had to cut down costs to the bearest minimum.

Despite the rain, we still went ahead to look for. As strangers in the land, all we could do was to ask questions and we were taken to a particular hotel called Okay Hotel, where we inspected it.
Even though it wouldn't be comfortable for us because most of us live in a more comfortable home, we decided to take it. On getting to make payment, we were told about the policies of the hotel which contradicted our plans. Our plan was Since we are 5, one room will take 3 persons while the other room would take the other 2; but the policy said 2 to a room! Despite our plea to them to allow us the way we planned, they insisted that the policies must be adhered to.

After much refusal from them, we were left with no other choice than to look for another hotel because we were trying not to spend much because of the original plan for the money. And so we entered the rain again to go search for another alternative. It was really challenging for us as we stood under the rain for quite some time trying to get bikes to take us but we were glad about it because that would be our Last sacrifice to the Deceased. Finally we got bikes that carried us to another hotel, this time we were okay with everything.
IMG_20180818_181544.jpg (The second hotel we saw)
Also, @Tfame and @emmanuel got in at about 8-9pm at night. We were glad they arrived safely. So after much conversations, we ate and and rested because we would have to wake up very early the next morning since we are traveling to the deceased village.

As early as 5am this morning, we were already awake and also got ready. We had a brief meeting where we called the brother of the deceased to confirm the exact time for the burial and he said it's starting by 7am. And so, we got our things and checked out; though they day was still not bright enough but we still had to embark on the journey.

IMG_20180819_062907.jpg (The road under construction)
Because the day was still very early, we didn't see motorcycle to take us to the park and the fact that the road they were supposed to pass was under construction, so we had to trek to the park where we finally got motorcycle to carry us to the village of the deceased.
IMG_20180819_063411.jpg (waiting to board a bike)

On getting to the village, it was as if we came at the right time because they were about starting the very brief ceremony. So we were offered seats by the family.
Not so long, the deceased body was brought out from the vehicle and after a short speech by an elder, it was taken to the grave side. The memory of my late mom came alive again and I just allowed the tears to flow out.
At this Junction, allow me to put out all the pictures!
IMG_20180819_071624.jpg (I tried so hard holding my tears)
IMG_20180819_074128.jpg (I couldn't hold it anymore)

So after the whole ceremony was over, we were taken to the family's house where we sat and talked briefly with the family members especially the younger brother and communicated all the Nigeria Community had sent us to say.
IMG_20180819_080410.jpg (With family and friends)

@NairaDaddy was very effective in ensuring that everything was done excellently, he's truly a Daddy lol! After all the said and done, we started coming to our respective destinations.

Before Now;

The deceased was a very active member of various communities and was even a moderator in some of them. These communities deserve mentions because of the role they played and some individuals too for conducting and executing the plans very well. They are in no particular order ;
individuals such as @ejemai @ehiboss @ewuoso @zizymena @eurogee @nairaDaddy @Ogoowinner thank you all for your exemplary leadership and coordination most especially on the group. Also I'm grateful for giving me the opportunity to be RELEVANT to everyone in giving updates on the group.

To everyone that sent in something no matter how little towards the contribution, I as an individual say THANK YOU to you all. You will always have to give.


Let me say this briefly ;

  • Vanity upon vanity, all is Vanity!
  • We came in with nothing, we would leave same!
  • Help when you have the opportunity to do so!
  • Play your role when I'm alive, not when I'm gone!
  • Love everyone, life is not long like you might think.
  • Live a life of lasting impact and pray to God!
  • Always give thanks to God!
  • Be grateful always!


I know what I will do with the payout


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Rip Onos... Thx you all for being there


Sure. Amen

RIP to @onos. Thanks to y'all for representing the Nigerian Steem community.


Thank you.

Thanks for representing the Nigerian community. God bless y'all.


Thanks for the role you played as well.

Proud of you guys. Kudos to the team. Rest in peace @onos


Thank you too.

Such a painful exit. Thanks for a job well done. @nairadaddy and team


Thank you @Eurogee. We hope not to go for this sort of journey again. We want weddings, traditional marriages, child dedication, house openings etcz. Abi Euro you will open the floor for us with the first agenda.😃


Sure, it will be better news hence forth... 😁


Ya Daddy things like wedding when you lend me some steem.

Thank you all for representing us.....
@eurogee @drigweeu @eddie23 @euronation and everyone that contributed thank you all....

Rip Onos we pray no more loss in Jesus Name Amen.....


Thank you very much. May his soul rest in peace.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


I wish you and all who have known @onos strength in honouring his memory.

See the pics, what do life real entails, after all struggle ...😭. A bright star just left us...

@eddie23 thanks for the update, is like i was personally there 😧.


Life itself is just something else. Thank you for reading.

Rip @onos.
Really a great loss .. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

Thanks for building up the post


Thanks boss

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Life is indeed vanity upon vanity.

This delegation deserve accolades for putting their personal activities behind to attend to this unplanned event. May God bless you guys.

Am really proud of Nigerian Steemians for uniting withing hours to organize and sponsor this burial.

May we all live to achieve our purposes here on earth.
May Sudden and untimely death never occur in our community again!


@dubem-eu Truly they deserve some accolades. The journey wasn't easy though because it really rained yesterday but what we had started must be finished. Thank you for reading.

@Onos continue to rest on

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Thanks for representing the Nigerian community. God bless you! May God comfort @onos' family. May he RIP.


Thanks so much.

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Take heart and may his soul rest peace

Well done @Eddie23! Thank you for taking out time to go for the burial. God bless you.
May Onos rest in peace


Thank you too for leading us well sir. Rest well sir