Surprised And Submissive.......

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Surprised And Submissive

To Be Honest, I Don't Understand. Up Until Yesterday Everything Was Fine, And All Of A Sudden, You Became Moody. When I Asked You What Had Happened, You Said “nothing”. I Don't Know If I Did Or Said Something You Didn't Like.

Since You're Not Saying What Really Has Happened, I Apologize For Any Behavior On My Part That Might Have Upset You. Nevertheless, I Would Like To Know Why Your Mood Has Changed So Suddenly. If Only I Knew Why You're So Upset I Could Try And Make Amendments And Even, Who Knows, Make A Proper Apology.
You Know I Care A Lot About You And I Get Extremely Worried Whenever You're Upset, Sad Or Grumpy For Whatever Reason. Tell Me What Has Happened And I'll Do Anything To See You Smiling Again, That Beautiful Smile That Seduces Me And Makes Me Happy.20180716_203151.jpg
Once Again, I'm Sorry. I'm Not Exactly Sure Why, But I Am.
Kisses From Someone Who Loves You Very Much


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