Safe Exchange coin and Chille Coin

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Safe Exchange coin is probably the best and most under valued alt coin there is. Safe Exchange coin is a coin that gives you ownership in the safe exchange community. The Chille block chain will be coming out within a couple months, It will be a market place something like amazon,eBay, etc..... being a owner of safe exchange coin gains you dividends form the transaction fee(Chille Coins) used in the Chille marketplace. Once the Chille block chain is released they will airdrop free Chille coins to safe exchange holders. something like the bitcoin fork. there are 2.1 billion Safex coin in circulation. there will only be 21 million Chille coins that will be used in the market place. (Mine-able). imagine getting paid on a daily basis for basically doing nothing and being able to buy products and services straight from the Chille market place. Safe X is worth around a penny more or less. Owning Safe X also gives you the power to vote on necessary changes within the community and marketplace.

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Every time I go to buy I drop $10-15 on safex which is worth a couple thousand coins - it's only 10 bucks but it adds up - pretty excited about this project. Thanks for the write up!

donw. We always upvote and comments every one.