SafeX Token

3년 전

SafeX will change Cryptocurrency as we know it today, SafeX Founder Dan Dabek will be live 1/20 EST on the Larry and Joe show on Youtube. SafeX also recently has upgraded their website. This coin will truly change many peoples lives. It is currently listed on will be the next and i believe they are working on other exchanges aswell. The BluePaper has just been released go check it out.

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I love the concept of Safex. I don't want it to change at all.
I have invested in Safex and I want things to go as planned with this coin. Because, If things go as planned, it will be insanely awesome.

The idea of changing the safex coin, is kind of worrying me.
I hope the change is for good, not for worse.

Hoping for the best.

I am interested in learning more on SafeX and will continue to do my research starting now. If you have a small, maybe 2 sentence description, how would you explain SafeX?

Thanks again,


So Owning Safex Token as of now will make you a part of the organization. They are in the process of building a blockchain that will be a marketplace for you or anyone to sell goods and services. they will be lauching a new coin called SafexCash, Owning safex token you will receive safex cash air dropped to your wallet. Safex cash will be used as currency on the marketplace. Now for every sale on the marketplace you will be gaining dividends depending on how much safex token you own. The dividends will be paid in SafexCash. it will be completely anonymous marketplace. you will also be able to use your safex tokens to vote on important decisions in the future, and much much more.