The Tall Ships Races 2019 " traveling from Fredrikstad, Norway"


info is from fredrikstad municipality, norway

On July 11th-14th, Fredrikstad will once again host the world’s largest regatta for sail ships. About 2500 young sailors between the ages of 15-25 will join more than 75 sail ships from 25 different countries.

The regatta and the event Tall Ships Races in owned by Sail Training International, whose main goal is to increase international comradery and understanding between youths. The project involves youth from all corners of the world, who take part in a community across nationality, culture and religion, and who will challenge themselves and others by using the sea and sailing as a teaching arena. This work led Sail Training International to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. The municipality has cooperated with Rotary in sending young sailors to The Tall Ships Races across the globe since 2005.

In 2018 and in 2019, Fredrikstad will recruit 160 sail trainees. They will also receive training courses in management and teamwork, training in conflict management and dialogue, in addition to other current societal topics that are added to seminar series.

All photos/video are taken by me with the Canon EOS 2000D
and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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First time I will be hearing about the regatta

Those ships are so amazing

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Of course happiness covers all people. With 9500 visitors and the excitement generated can move economic and cultural values. And what is equally important is friendship between nations. One symbol of courage in navigating the ocean. And can share stories with fellow sailors or captain.
One sweet relationship that we deserve to appreciate. And Fredrickstad is able to unite various cultures in one event.

I just add with these words
< i> A sturdy boat strap
will always be ready
not just to ship the boat
but he will bind friendship

see the ship's children at the top of the pillar
their eyes will be very alert
high spirits and full of motivation
become a cadet and ready to work with passion

don't you see just a human line
see there is a heart that shakes each other
no longer there is me, you or him
everyone merges into us in a team

we are one being one power
not scattered and disappeared
we will still be here
until all emotion and shed tears

Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

Great photos @xpilar and every ship is beautiful in its own way!

Nice ships, @xpilar! Now if only they accept old trainees.

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The boats are very beautiful.

very nice photography and great vidio my dear friend

a gallery of elegant and beautiful photos.

@xpilar so many beautiful ships, can I adk you a question which cam you are using for click.


thank you @adityajainxds

i use filmora.wondershare editing program

Wow splendid shot. It must have looked so huge right in front of you. Beautiful. I wish I could see them in real.

in second picture the people are climbed at the top of those bamboo wow this is so cool and dangerous,,,what are they doing at the top??

समुद्र में सभी जहाज बहुत सुंदर हैं.!

The event is very useful. Many interesting boats there.

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Those ships are looking really incredible and to view them in real must be more amazing


Hi @blazing

Yes, it is a great experience to see them up close

OMG such a wonderful shipsssss

This is really enjoyeble amazing.

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Thank you for these pictures, you managed to capture the ships with open sails. It was long ago I did last time a sail ship, therefore you pictures are good references for me. Beautiful and it is nice to see how many countries took a part in the show :)


Hi @stef1

It will be nice if you can use some of the pictures for your sketches
Looking forward to seeing paintings when you have time to make it

ship contests that have become global, with various countries participating, it would be nice if you could be there

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a very fun boat race especially in your country that is very beautiful with the sea

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There are many ships in this world.The ships are very interesting in the sea.!


Nice to hear, thanks @akhimoni

Amazing, Beautiful Norway

Various types of sailboats. Very interesting.

good ship

That first boat truly is majestic, @xpilar! Thanks for sharing with us about this event.


Nice to hear, thanks @numpypython

Perfect shooting. I like it very much.

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Interesante los cursos de capacitación que recibirán esos jóvenes en cuanto a temas sociales, eso es predominante en lo que a juventud se refiere, ya que en esos atesorados años la motivación es fundamental.Muy hermosa esta exposision de barcos.Felicitaciones.