The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad Norway 2019 "part 2" at midnight

2개월 전

info is from fredrikstad municipality, norway

On July 11th-14th, Fredrikstad will once again host the world’s largest regatta for sail ships. About 2500 young sailors between the ages of 15-25 will join more than 75 sail ships from 25 different countries.

The regatta and the event Tall Ships Races in owned by Sail Training International, whose main goal is to increase international comradery and understanding between youths. The project involves youth from all corners of the world, who take part in a community across nationality, culture and religion, and who will challenge themselves and others by using the sea and sailing as a teaching arena. This work led Sail Training International to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. The municipality has cooperated with Rotary in sending young sailors to The Tall Ships Races across the globe since 2005.

In 2018 and in 2019, Fredrikstad will recruit 160 sail trainees. They will also receive training courses in management and teamwork, training in conflict management and dialogue, in addition to other current societal topics that are added to seminar series.

All photos/video are taken by me with the Canon EOS 2000D
and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge








The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad , Norway
More photos will soon be in part 3

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Such wonderful photos

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Thank you for beautiful post. This is the amazing picture in the night.
I just comment with these words.

the night was so beautiful with a range of lights
lights flickered until late at night
Light up the ship and all its sides
until no one can hide

make people want to go back home
sitting back on the side of the dormitory
to commemorate the beautiful past
all seemed so charming to those who passed

see the blue sky with stars
we will be able to reach far
to pick up the future
united in beautiful nature

Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia


thanks for your beautiful poem @rokhani

Apparently beauty at night has its own aesthetic. As a connoisseur, I like this. Thank you for your wonderful photography trip, sir. Regards!


Hello @xpilar, too spectacular those photographs, I can't imagine what it would be like to be in that place and enjoy so many wonders.

waauu the ships look very beautiful. with the many colors of the lights, and that is amazing. I like it very much. when I see this photo, I can only smile. because of the beauty of the photos you display. you are very fortunate to be able to photograph the ships. I also really want to take a picture of the ship.

allow me to take this photo and I will make it as a profile on the main screen of my cellphone. it sure looks really cool.

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a ship that looks beautiful at night. very good.

Fantastic photography. the artistry of the ship is perfectly matched with the night.

OMG looking wonderfull 😍

They are impressive photographs, at night the boats look more beautiful.


They are impressive
Photographs, at night the boats
Look more beautiful.

                 - jdbs

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This event is an event, the boats so well decorated with lights and the romantic night and the sea inspire ... Thanks for sharing sir @xpilar.

It looks as if I got into a magical fairyland. It is very beautiful, and the very idea to unite young people is undoubtedly useful and interesting, because the future is behind them.

Great photos @xpilar and these sailing ships look amazing!

@xpilar I wish I also have one yatch. Hehehe nice picture dear.

Absolutely good place to share in the community..happy to see your post.. thanks for sharing @xpilar

it so amazing view, at night the beauty of increase to max..

Such a pretty place at night, too @xpilar. Thanks for sharing and i hope to visit there if i get a chance to go to Norway.


thank you @numpypython,
hope you get the opportunity to visit Norway

Very beautiful with the appearance of gold, it's amazing

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The ships look beautiful at night with all those colors, @xpilar!

Wow so beautiful and eye's pleasing.. it's look so elegance.. how I wish I witness this looks in reality hehehe..

Thanks for share..

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in the evening time that looks gorgeous damn love those shots

beautiful photos, very romantic and full of nightlife.

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This personal prize is incredible ... Congratulations!

Una maravilla de lugar, se le puede llamar La Ciudad Dorada, ideal para el romanticismo y el compartir familiar.

That is a beautiful event, I bet there will be many tourists visiting Fredrikstad, for a moment that place will return to 17-18th century the time of Sailing Ships. In the nights everything looks even more spectacular. I wish I could see it live. Thank you for sharing that beautiful event :)

La regata y el evento Tall Ships son fundamentales en una sociedad en el que la importancia de interactuar en otros horizontes esta a flor de piel, y mediante las redes sociales cualquier información llega al confín del globo terraqueo, y gracias a ello estos 160 aprendices recibirán cursos de capacitación, lo cual es encomiable, ya que al participar en una comunidad integral, tienen la oportunidad de exponer todo su potencial a la altura de sus inquietudes al recibir enseñanzas para el uso del mar y la vela . Posteriormente demostrarán estos jóvenes su talento al demostrar su pericia.Excelente trabajo, excelentes fotos.Gracias xpilar por dicha información, la cual esta vigente.

Beautiful view of a sailboat decorated with lights.

The beauty of the lights at night on ships anchored on the beach.

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So luxurious.

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Beautiful click golden reflection,

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post a good one i like

post a nice view of the ship, it's wonderful if we see this ship

That's wonderful!

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Beautiful picture of a boat at night with a ray of light.

it was truly amazing the ship was sailing

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Great photography and amazing place my dear friend