The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad Norway 2019 "part 5" Filmed video from the seaside

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info is from fredrikstad municipality, norway

On July 11th-14th, Fredrikstad will once again host the world’s largest regatta for sail ships. About 2500 young sailors between the ages of 15-25 will join more than 75 sail ships from 25 different countries.

The regatta and the event Tall Ships Races in owned by Sail Training International, whose main goal is to increase international comradery and understanding between youths. The project involves youth from all corners of the world, who take part in a community across nationality, culture and religion, and who will challenge themselves and others by using the sea and sailing as a teaching arena. This work led Sail Training International to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. The municipality has cooperated with Rotary in sending young sailors to The Tall Ships Races across the globe since 2005.

In 2018 and in 2019, Fredrikstad will recruit 160 sail trainees. They will also receive training courses in management and teamwork, training in conflict management and dialogue, in addition to other current societal topics that are added to seminar series.

All photos/video are taken by me with the Canon EOS 2000D
and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad , Norway
More photos/video will soon be in part 6 " last part "

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I really enjoy the video

I love this race

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Bring the lives of people who appreciate the waters. Mapiu maintains optimal function with the resources it has. A form of achievement of advanced civilization without leaving the cultural roots of its society. Modernization based on natural life joints without removing coastal and marine cultures.
It is great to be able to hold a big event and successfully present large boats from around the world.
I just add with these words.
wave ripple affects the right and left side of the ship
water splash marks of friendship
invites to go to the sea with a wide ocean
asked to prepare for the hunt

catch the sun at the western horizon
follow the directions of the right direction
before he drowned and the day became dark
Agra is not dragged into the stream and attacked by a shark

lift the anchor and lower the screen
then you will pass through the wind with the wind
giving strength to ship speed
let your sailor instincts take you to one grid

opens hope that: better
get the result faster
with solid straps and lifeboats that are always ready
so that everyone can walk steady

Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia


thanks for your great poem @rokhani

So many boats on show and also so many people which is good to see @xpilar.

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amazing activity, thanks


You are welcome

Beautiful photographs, you're a good photographer. Great job. Everything is beautiful,

great vidio and very nice place my dear friend @xpilar

Good day @xpilar, thank you for giving us this video, which transports us to those waters so refreshing.

It's spectacular, an unparalleled sensation. I have sailed in boats and tugs, but not in these types of boat, I imagine should more comfortable.

I'm falling in love with Norway, getting to know their beautiful places thanks to @xpilar.

Excellent video you shared was fun to check that out :D so nice

A very romantic place, I love the color and elegance that those boats bring to the dock. it's a special place this, very nice event.

Lovely traveling..and really good one your provide post..

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That is really enjoyable video, seeing it, I have a feeling being myself on a motorboat and doing a tour, seeing all these beautiful ships. You have very good quality and managed to capture such details. Amazing how sizeable the ships when you come closer. I believe the people on board are very proud to be on them. Beautiful event and thank you for opportunity to take a little pick too :)


Nice to hear, thanks @stef1

Awesome video!

It's fun to enjoy, Sir!

Beautiful video, hopefully one day I can attend this event.

clean and calm water, plus beautiful and large ships. and many people. I really enjoyed this video.

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Nice to hear, thanks @chaira

What a beautiful video, those boats look very loud and I like music!

Nice to see a different perspective of the tall ships from the water. Thanks for sharing, @xpilar!

Really a very useful event. Can attract tourists and can invite young people to love Marine.


I've also seen this video that you shared. waaah looks really cool sir. the number of people who are there, and the number of ships that are there. You visit the race track to the very end to take videos. what you display looks really nice sir.

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Nice to hear, thanks @aulia1993

Congratulations @xpilar!
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amazing work

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Wow This is a very amazing activity

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a very interesting boat race to watch

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This is a relaxing video, the waves of the sea so blue and the music is perfect.
Great job!!

The event has been very busy, the weather is great. I imagine he has enjoyed but without leaving work aside, Great!

Really beautiful sea view.

Capturing video different for me, so beautiful nature

nice shooting..

Nice video. Waiting for the tall chips in Bay City, Michigan

Thanks for sharing beautiful photographs and videos.

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Thanks for sharing beautiful photographs and videos.

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Great video @xpilar and very interesting to watch these sailing ships!

a good post a fun boat race event.

I really enjoy your video, sir. Norway is a very beautiful country.

good boats, ships for the race