The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad Norway 2019 "part 1"


info is from fredrikstad municipality, norway

On July 11th-14th, Fredrikstad will once again host the world’s largest regatta for sail ships. About 2500 young sailors between the ages of 15-25 will join more than 75 sail ships from 25 different countries.

The regatta and the event Tall Ships Races in owned by Sail Training International, whose main goal is to increase international comradery and understanding between youths. The project involves youth from all corners of the world, who take part in a community across nationality, culture and religion, and who will challenge themselves and others by using the sea and sailing as a teaching arena. This work led Sail Training International to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. The municipality has cooperated with Rotary in sending young sailors to The Tall Ships Races across the globe since 2005.

In 2018 and in 2019, Fredrikstad will recruit 160 sail trainees. They will also receive training courses in management and teamwork, training in conflict management and dialogue, in addition to other current societal topics that are added to seminar series.

All photos/video are taken by me with the Canon EOS 2000D
and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge








The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad , Norway
More photos will soon be in part 2

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Nice one shared here

This should be very interesting race

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Very beautiful photos.
I am so impressed with the people in your city. They carefully pay attention to the well-developed modes of water transportation and can produce maximum service.
My shadow is that while still using a sailboat exploring the Atlantic ocean can even penetrate the Bahamas islands as done by Columbus, or furthermore is the Viking people who also roamed the vast ocean to get to North America.
One courage as a nation that develops sea transportation so that it can touch all regions.
Then the development of technology is progressing until the ship becomes more effective in transporting cargo and driving at maximum speed.
And now I'm reading from your post about ship racing. One chance is certainly not all time can be witnessed. An event which break the region and religion, break the difference of nation and tribes. All participant will have a great experience
Thank you @xpilar for giving interesting discourses and posts.
Warm regard from Indonesia

I imagine it is a sensational event, the sailboats and the boats that show are very large, striking and majestic. I wait for part II to continue delighting.

Nice to see these classic boats still on the sea and in such beautiful scenery too, @xpilar!

I like your photos, you can see that they are great days in Fredrikstad.

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What's the maximum speed of this ship?

@xpilar, It will not be wrong if we will call this race as Giant Race. And definitely watching this event live would be breathtaking experience. Hope that you are enjoying it.

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Thank you and welcome.

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Norway really is a beautiful place all times of the year. Thank you for showing us this part of Norway, @xpilar.

Thanks sir for sharing this beautiful picture.

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Very interesting event. Lots of ships are seen at the port.

It is a great spectacle, it attracts many people, the boats are beautiful and even the day was in your favor and the important event.

A very good event to invite young people to love the ocean.

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You see through your photos is a big event and full of people.
I like that it maintains the tradition and that they have so much organization.
Enjoy these great days sir @xpilar.

We also will have Tall Ships here in Bay City, Michigan.

wow really amazing travel and ships I love it. I appreciate it sailboats. thanks for visiting my post.

Nice :)

On July 11th-14th, Fredrikstad will once again host the world’s largest regatta for sail ships. About 2500 young sailors between the ages of 15-25 will join more than 75 sail ships from 25 different countries.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Absolutely fantastic! This is very stressful especially if I can enjoy it directly.

I don't think that all countries can hold ship contests like your country, sir.

In accordance with the pictures you take with Canon or Samsung cameras, it seems that people are very enthusiastic about visiting the dock to watch it.

I don't know, how long they will arrive at the finish line with a fast boat like that.

I can imagine the contestants having to break through high waves, cross storms, and that was really thrilling.

Because of the distance from the track, it will be difficult for the audience to see the entire race.

Well, because of the extreme, there may be a special screen that shows directly so that people can enjoy it freely. When the participants were far from the port, the audience's attention was focused on the big screen broadcasting the race, I think.

And thank you for your wonderful information and photography, sir.

Enjoy, sir!


Thank's for your feedback @seha76

If there are any TV stations or movie companies that follow the whole race, I don't know.
But agree with you that it was fun to see

A beautiful ships looks lined up on the seafront against a blue sea background.


Very good post, big boats are parked on the seafront, beautiful atmosphere here, I like your post

very beautiful natural scenery with ships that lean back on the dock

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That's a very big race. involving 25 countries and 2500 sailors. it will be a very interesting race to see. I was very impressed with the main purpose of the race. increasing international friendship. that's a very good destination.

I was amazed by Fredrikstad. I see that they are very high in water transportation. I admit this is very rare in other countries. even in Indonesia where I live do not pay too much attention to water transportation. even competitions like this are very rarely held. even if it was held only an ordinary race. namely a small, small boat.

I really want to see the Fredrikstad race. definitely very interesting. and the photos you display look really good. you shoot at every angle to get the best results. I really like the photos you show.

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Interesting place, these boats look luxurious, it is good that they motivate young people to activities beneficial for their development.

Absolutely Norway every place looks very attractive.. really good one.. thanks for sharing @xpilar

Excellent event, I like to navigate and therefore work as a machine operator of a tugboat, only that I work to tow barges. The sailboats are elegant and very suitable for calm sailing and resting.

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Awesome shots. You must have had a lot of fun there.

I'm fascinated by seeing the pictures or your ship.

It's great to travel to the ship.

Hello @xpilar
today something different from digital art.
this Ships are really beautiful. Awesome photographs..

beautiful photography, boats are amazing last years me also applied for sailor at Pakistan navy....

Congratulations @xpilar!
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These classic ships are very nice, on the seafront and in very beautiful scenery, thank you for sharing

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Awesome shots you shared from the trip that was so good to see

a marvelous sight with a row of ships on the left and right of a canal

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very nice ships and great photography my dear friend

good post, friend

Nice photos....
Want to watch the race, and of course it will be filled with the best designed sailboats.

I like the photo gallery, but more I like the event that is going to take place in your beautiful city of Fredrikstad.

Hello @xpilar, interesting that through these events there are also exchanges of cultures and religions in addition to knowledge and of course to share moments of fun.
Beautiful photographs and spectacular sailing boats.