Selling a $25 Amazon Gift Card: 67 Steem or 500 WLS


Source: Amazon

With the development of projects like @dCommerce I have decided to try something new; I am going to sell an Amazon gift card on the blockchain. I know many people will fear being scammed and may not trust me as a seller but there are many high-reputable users who can vouch on my behalf. There are many more gift cards I wish to sell on the blockchain so comment below if you are interested in other gift cards too. This gift card is redeemable online.

I am selling this $25 Amazon Gift Card for 67 Steem, currently worth $20, or for 500 WLS, currently worth $18.23. I will be delivering the code via an encrypted memo or on Discord, it is up to the buyer. This price is up for negotiation, comment below if you are interested.

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