3 Secret to sell anything to anyone ( Check it , you’ll be impressed)

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Today I’m gonna teach you how to sell anything to anyone ANYTIME
Now when it comes to selling , when it comes to closing , there are so many techniques and so many ways
Today im gonna share with you THREE powerful secrets that you can use to sell anything to anyone.
Number one , understand this , PEOPLE DON’T BUY BECAUSE OF LOGIC . PEOPLE BUY BECAUSE OF EMOTION , and they justify it with logic . People buy based on emotions and they justify with logic .
I want you to think of something that you want to buy in your life .
It could be a car , it could be a house , it could be anything , I just want you to picture that.
Once you have that in your mind , I want to ask yourself this question , WHY DO YOU WANT TO BUY IT ?
Why do you want to buy this particular item? Why do you want to own that item , why is that ?
Maybe itsa new suit , it looks good on you ,maybe itsa new dress maybe it’s a new car , maybe it’s a new house , maybe its that vacation But why do you want to buy it ?
I want to dig a little deeper. I you peer through the layers , I think you are buying emotions .
Maybe you buy the item because of greed ,
You want to make money , or you want to save money , or maybe its because of generosity that by buying this item gonna help other people .
Have you noticed sometimes there are companies out there , if you buy this particular product they’re gonna donate a certain amount to charities ?
Maybe you buy because of generosity , maybe because of shame that if I don’t buy this I’ll look foolish .
Or maybe its fear , that if I don’t buy this I’m gonna be missing out , I don’t wanna miss out.
Maybe it’s an escape , that you go on the vacation , your nine to five job is driving you crazy and you say ‘’ Oh man I need some time off,, Maybe you’re doing it , buying it because of escape .
Whatever those reasons are , those are very often emotion reasons .
So you buy because of emotions , and you justify it with logic.
So think about when you’re selling something to somebody .
Are you just talking about features and benefits , what his thing would do for you ?
OR are you pushing those emotional heart buttons ?
I remember one time I was in Harry Rosen , a very well known menswear store , high end , in Vancuver .
I walked into the store and I was walking by the Tom Ford section and the salesman approached me and say , ‘’ Sir , is there anything I can help you with?”
I said ,’’ No , I’m just browsing around ‘’ , and he said “ Do me a favor , put this suit on .” Now at the time I never owned a Tom Ford suit before . I have a lot of suits , but I don’t have a Tom Ford suit . He said ‘’ do me a favor put this suit on”, I said “ alright “ , I put it on . He said “ how do you feel? “ “ well it feels pretty good.”
“Okay , also try this on , put on this tuxedo.” I said “ okay , that’s pretty cool.” He said “ oh , it looks great.” He said “ Sir , are you a fan of James Bond?” I said “who isn’t a fan of James Bond , like duh.”
He said “ this suit right here , this tuxedo is the exact suit , the exact same design that James Bond wears in Casino Royale.” You know that scene when he was gambling ? It looks good , right? And before you know it , I bought the damn tuxedo , and it costs a lot of money . If you think about that , what am I buying ? I’m buying emotions . What I’m buying is this , I’m buying , when I wear this tuxedo I feel good . As a James Bond fan , I feel like James Bond . Even logically I know of course , it’s not James Bond , I’m not James Bond , but emotionally takes me there. \this is cool that I wear the same tuxedo , the same fit , the same everything . Then he up-sold me on the shirt , and the cuff links , the whole nine yards .That’s what I’m talking about . PEOPLE BUY BECAUSE OF EMOTIONS , AND THEY JUSTIFY IT WITH LOGIC , YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT . Don’t push your product , don’t push your services , don’t push the features and benefits . Think about what are those emotional heart buttons that you’re pushing .

2.- NUMBER TWO , people don’t buy there way into something , they buy there way out of something . It means people very often they’re buying something they’ve a problem they want solved . they want to buy there way out of that problem . People don’t buy the drill , the want a hole on the wall . So what is that you’re helping them solve. What problem , what is that thing you have to understand ? I always say , the amount of money that you make , is in direct propotion to how deep you understand your market place’s pain. the amount of money that you make , is in direct propotion in how well , how deep you go , how much you understand your market place’s pain. So you have to understand what are the pains that people have , and how can you help them relieve some of that pain ? So think about that .

3.- NUMBER THREE , People don’t buy product and services , they buy stories .Because when there are so many choices out there in the market place , on the internet , any product that you want , there are hundreds and hundreds of choices , how do you stand out ? How do you add emotions to a commodity , a pen ? What’s the difference between a 2$ pen like , or a 800$ Mon Blanc John F Kennedy , limited edition , exclusive pen , a 800$ pen? Is the same pen , it has the same functions . Story , when you add story to an item , suddenly , when you add the John F Kennedy , the President’s story , attached to a brand , to a logo , it is 10 times more valuable , it is a hundred times more valuable , that particular pen , all because of story . It writes the same , a 2$ pen you can write too , but that;s the difference . So think about , what’s the story ? How can you inject stories into everything that you can do? Maybe it’s your origin story , how did you get started ? What about also stories of your customers? So where are you using stories in you marketing , in your business , how else can you use stories ? REMEMBER Facts tell , Stories sell .

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