SALT: Higher Degree of Trend Elliott Waves Show 0.005734 BTC Target (845% Profit Potential!!)

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Here is Salt/BTC with a price projection of 0.005734 BTC or 845% profit potential. I can see the naysayers crawling out of the woodwork again to criticize how crazy I am to project such targets. Well, these same critics pretty much said I was nuts when I had recommended Spread Coin (SPR) at $0.18 back in early November. Their rationale was fundamentally based in that the coin website had NOT updated their website since 2016; the core development team had disbanded and it was irresponsible of me to make such recommendations that could hurt traders. Well, SPR has generated 2,000% profit! My point made.

The below chart shows a Fibonacci measured set of Elliott Waves that stretches to 0.005734 BTC. This is quite interesting since it's coming out of the Cup & Handle bullish pattern. Ground floor opportunity? My evidence of performance is in my blogs! BTW, this chart was labeled by one of my followers: @cooleruk!! Thanks for letting me use your chart!

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LOVE IT HODLING FRO $6 WHEN @HAEJIN SAID $10 now that changed to $14.22 and then $23 ARK IS A BUY BUY BUY HODL HODL UPVOTED


Sold some profits, but continue to HODL Ark as well.


Hi Haejin
Loving your work, if you have time can you look at Pillar, kind regards 🇬🇧


Yes, please :)

That is quite an optimistic projection!

wow, 845% Profit! Thanks for sharing

I am buying more SALT at $10

Still HODL SALT ! Also thanks @haejin for the spread coin I vouch for 2000% because I held that sucker all the way to then moon from .21 $ thank you @haejin YOUR THE MAN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!

Gogo SALT!

Just bought some

Sorry for posting again but just commented this link in your other thread but it is more relevant here cause it has similar chart pattern. It's QRL:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 23.13.24.png


Congrats on the SALT call earlier in the week!

Thanks Haejin!

Hi guys, this is not my post, but I am always looking for something to put together with @haejin technical analysis, and I just read this:

I recommend you take a moment and read it too ;-)

Nice info. I have you follow and upvoted you. will like to get more from you.

You know the struggles real when your running out of BTC to invest in all of Haejin's calls. lol


exactly. lol


LMAO...(Cries in the corner)

It's actually 473% potential or 5.73x

  ·  2년 전

How can a SALT coin be worth $27.50 on their platform, but only trade at $15? This seems like free money?


they're incentivising investing on their platform


What if the BTC and ETH we put in their SALT establishment gets hacked or embezzeled by the non US bank? What then is the recourse for all the lenders? Can they guarantee that our precious BTC and ETH are safe ... Or is it a siimply another Lender Beware ? Do it at your own risk.

I really dont understand how you expect the token to go up to 0.005+ when there is a retailer that SELLS the token for less then 0.002 as of this writing. Did you just look at the trading history or did you research the token you are advertising here?


They are planning on moving the retail price up


last time they moved the retail price it was a increase by 2.5$ or 10% at the time. why would they within 2 months raise the price by 800% or to be more precise if they ajusted for the fact that SALT/BTC has been swinging around 50% of the retail price to just hit market they would need to increase 400%(more then 100 $ a pop). the market might look like it but its not all based on the market if there is another provider besides the market.


Clearly you are not familiar with Haejin's philosophy. He is 100% TA and believes price makes the news.

The SALT in my Soup !

Agreed, i think SALT will make a big impact this moth but 845% is a to much of a big number for SALT. So the number i think it will be 300% ... 400% max.

Thank you, i admire your work.

Had a look at the service behind SALT and it's basically a loan company but instead of giving them your house, you give them your coins.
I'll never support them just as potentially they are going to destroy a lot of lives(financially). The market is too volatile(and don't forget the APR and membership fees) to get the loan for a potential growth.
Invest in great and helpful idea backed coins not only for the potential profit.


What if the BTC and ETH we put in their SALT establishment gets hacked or embezzeled by the non US bank? What then is the recourse for all the lenders? Can they guarantee taht our precious BTC and ETH are safe ... Or is it a siimpkly Lender Beware ?


Do you even understand how it works? You get the loan for whatever your crypto is worth and if it goes down you can pay higher and catch up but also when it goes up lets say it doubles and you have double the collateral you can sell and pay off the principle and keep the remaining balance. Salt is a decent coin, not your normal pump and dump coins.

Isn't there a stumbling block with the $25 retail price of SALT?

have you ever done a right bet?

holy sh#* balls! i gotta get my some of this tasty SALT!

Thank you Master. Your logic is undeniable.

Buying some on Bittrex, thanks!

Haejin, same for the USD pair.
As in the equivalent, around 81 USD?
thank you

Brilliant write up

SALT GAzua~~~~~~!!

Upvoted :) Would there be any possibility of making an HTML coin analysis? its sitting at less than a penny right now

we can not live without salt lol

Laddered in...

Like the analysis, do you mind sharing the detail, my own guess would be the consolidation of volume before the rocket upwards.

Mind sharing how you analyze the crypto...?

Thank you.


Elliot wave theory my bro


Bitcoin is the future

Thanks supper Haejin...

nice post please upvote

SALT was one of the first cryptos to catch my attention. I think it is a great idea but what worries me is it's longevity. That however is by no fault of it's own. I think it is future laws that will prevent it from reaching the highs that I too believe it could reach. With this in mind, is it merely a trading opportunity? Possibly.

Nice opportunity but dont you think the value of btc will dropdown due to the news of korea, microsoft and china stop miners collectively affects this analysis


yes sudden dupms will effect the entire market. But Alts recover much faster and still over gaining on BTC.


Iyes i guess you are right.

very good, success always yes

thanks for sharing such a considerable post @haejin

The fact is that many of the benefits of reading the post, hopefully, better in front of,,go ahead, we are always with yours

crazy profit potential!!! thanks for sharing this. I've been learning a lot from your posts.

Please follow him on Stocktwits at master.png

I don't think you are crazy =) I love your analysis!

Gracias, interesante análisis!

Salt has dropped $7 since this was posted.

Ive been following Heajin for a while and this is no criticism but lately pretty much every coin he posts about has gone down.
He was pretty accurate for a while but recently that changed, im trying to understand why.


The whole crypto market has dropped so everything is looking to get back to its original trend. Haejin, can you give an update as to where SALT is at now?