Something About Me Challenge - Week 9 Review

2년 전

Something About Me: #sam-saturday - WEEK 9 has just passed and now I will do, as stated in the rules, a presentation post for all the participants.


Before submitting this week's blogs I will present the reward and the way that will be shared among the participants.

0.002 SBD | 0.711 STEEM| 1448.082566 VESTS

Rewards for the week 8 was 0.711 STEEM. Last week there were 7 participants in the challenge. I'll send 0.11 STEEM to each participant.

This is week 9 of this challenge. Saturday of memories, confessions and hobbies.

Let's welcome the new participant. We welcome @trudeehunter.

About the order in which I lists the posts below. It's random, only those who participate for the first time are in front.

These are the posts. I think it's worth reading ... you'll find new things about your colleagues: happenings, memories and passions.


SAM. My Fascination With Ferns.

@trudeehunter is at the first post in this challenge. From the first post we find out about some plants she loves from childhood. A lot of information and photos about this plant.

Sam-saturday--Something About.Me


@melinda010100 tells us how she prepared and spent a special day. The Thanksgiving holiday!


SomethingAboutMe Challenge - Autumn memories

@roxy-cat tells us another story about the relationship with her sister. Stories from childhood!


SAM - Something about me


@nelinoeva @ shows how she spent a very special day in her life. Birthday!.



SAM. My sweet Saturday💕


@denissemata managed to make a very nice and tasty cake. Details here.


Stay positive SAM Saturday


@julieabbi2 talks about life and positivism. It's impressive.


Something New About Me - I'm a Friend!


@bluemoon tells us about a quality he thinks he has. That to be a friend...


I intend to make every Monday a recapitulative post with all the posts in the challenge of the previous week. I will share the reward of this post with all the participants .


Thanks to all the participants so far! They have delighted us with superb blogs about their lives, their passions and memories. I think we have become closer, knowing ourselves better. A first step towards friendship. We are so far:

@barbara-orenya; @melinda010100; @roxy-cat;
@luigi-the-gnome; @denissemata; @julieabbi2; @nolasco;
@dswigle; @liliana.duarte; @old-guy-photos; @tali72; @aulia1993; @nelinoeva; @thebigsweed; @c0ff33a; @bluemoon; @trudeehunter


Challenge name is Something About Me (SAM) with the tag: #sam-saturday.


This challenge I’m proposing is because I think we should get to know each other better. When we entered Steemit we made a first information post. That #introduceyourself. The problem is that for many of us months or years have passed since that post, and nobody can see it anymore.

This challenge could recall weekly who we are and from where we are from.

This can be done by telling in each post some personal information: the city and country where you live (if you can with more precision and more details than in the profile) and a few more about you, if you want. In a few sentences that can be used for each post in this challenge.

This is a suggestion, I know that many don’t want to give this information. In this case you can ignore this part.

At the same time, this challenge can provide a wealth of ideas and themes for posts. It's an open challenge, not focused on a single theme!

Something About Me... is about:

  • A recent happening that you think deserves to be told.
  • A past event, a memory that you want to share.
  • A hobby, a passion ... photography, walk, sport, music, cinema, gardening, flowers, animals, cooking, painting, travel, friends, family... It's your imagination to find many others.

Rules of the challenge

  • I think the best day to post in this challenge is Saturday.

  • Use the tag #sam-saturday on a post that you think it fits this challenge.

  • To comply with this general rule in all challenges, please indicate the name of the initiator, @bluemoon. It's not an obligation, just a request!

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Thank you for your support!

Thanks so much for the Steem and for the additional exposure! I missed reading a few of these and this is a great reminder to go get caught up! I do love this challenge.


Thank you very much! Thank you for continuing to support this challenge. The fact that you like it fills me with joy.


I do like it and have been trying to support all of your entrants with upvotes and comments!


I know, thank you.

Way to go, my dear Dan! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!


It's a great joy to know you consider me a friend. I'm glad to have a friend like you.

Hi, @bluemoon!

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Thank you!

Thank you Dan!
This is so nice to see tnere are new posts and since I missed some to read I am on my way to see them!


My pleasure! This was the purpose of this review, everybody to read all posts from this challenge.

I miss ome of these post. thanks forbthis wonderful challenge... I love being part of the SAM family


I'm very glad to hear that. Thank you!

Wonderful, Dan! @bluemoon I love this challenge and am so glad you continue it.

I need to make more time for worthy challenges like this. Could you loan me more time??



I would love it, but I am in great need.

  ·  2년 전

🎁 Hi @bluemoon! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Wednesday Walk With A Touch Of Yellow Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

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Thank you!

Really enjoying SAM challenge. Glad to see all of you each Saturday or catching up thru the week.



I'm glad to hear that. It means that it's worth our effort.


It is very worth while.