Samuel L. Jackson: “Everyone doesn't like his stuff either”

11개월 전

Samuel L. Jackson responded to Martin Scorsese's criticism of Marvel films after the director said they were "not a movie."

Speaking to Variety, Jackson said: “I mean, it's like saying that Bugs Bunny is not funny. Films are films. Everyone also doesn't like things [Scorsese], ”he said.

“It happens with us, but not all,” he continued. “There are many Italian Americans who don’t think he should make films about them.”


“Everyone has an opinion, so I mean that everything is in order,” Jackson added. “It won't hurt anyone to make films.”

In an interview with Empire Magazine last week, Scorsese said he was “trying” to watch films from the Marvel cinematic universe, but they were “not movies.”

“Honestly, the closest I can come up with, no matter how good they are, and the actors do everything possible in the circumstances, these are theme parks,” he said. "This is not a movie of people trying to convey emotional, psychological experience to another person."

The comments were immediately criticized by Marvel fans, while Galaxy directors James Gunn expressed sadness about Scorsese’s comments on his Twitter account.

“Martin Scorsese is one of my five favorite directors,” wrote Gunn. “I was outraged when people picketed“ The Last Temptation of Christ ”without seeing the film. I am saddened that he now rates my films in the same way. "

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