EOS SAND is now on Tipit! Post your Twitter Below and get 1 SAND! I can also use SAND tips over Discord and telegram and soon reddit! You can withdraw your steem engine sand as EOS SAND on Steem-Engine.com



So my balance on Twitter tip bot @tipit https://tipit.io is growing with tokens i will distribute to San Diego and Steem twitter users!


This is how I plan to distribute a large portion of tokens to Local San Diego users who have already established themselves as locals with nop reasons to lie about it :D I have my work cut out for myself but i feel the project can bring in so many locals to invest in SAND, STeem and EOS that the community will serve mostly as one big 3d billboard for crypto in San Diego which I feel deserves to get a head start in the Blockchain world, my own self interest is aligned and I hope everyone would want their own city to be flowing with crypto to make their own lives easier.



Post your twitter in the SAND telegram room https://t.me/sandiegocoin or https://chat.sandiegocoin.org

And make a post on https://SteemSanDiego.com to earn SAND you can withdraw to EOS and sell on Newdex and hopefully soon dexoes and findex :)

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