San Diego Coin 50 year distribution Chart (Thanks to @gerber from Steemleo discord for creating this data for me AND helping me setup SAND SCOT tribe)

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Thanks to @gerber for his help creating the data for my SAND distribution over the next 25 and 50 years. As you can see in year one 320+ SAND is produced everyday. in year two, only 316, in year 3 313. And so on until the reduction cuts the printing of new SAND down to below 300 SAND per day by year 8.


My plan to maximize PR for SAND is to eventually promote this token as a possible Universal Basic Income for Local San Diego residents who can each receive 1 free SAND token, and for anyone who stakes, votes and post with their SAND. They may not earn much with just 1 SAND but even if I can get local San Diego students posting their homework to earn just 1 penny or even a fraction of a penny, they will add up over a semester and students can buy Gyft cards with the BTC they can cashout to. I plan on having a few local stores accept SAND once I forge a partnership with a crypto payment processor like Flexa whop I have contacted on telegram to ask if i can list my local SAND token on their payment processor app that works at WholeFoods :) I will probably need to meet strict requirements like being a top 100 marketcap token so i will keep searching for payment apps, like METAL , but maybe smaller ones who could help me list SAND . I should also have SAND listed on DEXOS exchange soon and then Findex. I have also submitted a form to list on CoinGeko and will be looking at ways to maximize my recent tip bot listing now that i can tip on telegram discord and twitter using EOS sand.

I will create passive income methods for SAND stakers like SCOt token curation trails to earn SAND just by holding it, and a Proof of Stake pool may be used, but id like to avoid confusing between the STEEM sand and EOS sand. However i could give up 100K of my own SAND to put in a pool, so you can earn SAND just by staking it. It is 1000 ENG and I may decide to do it. A vote bot may also be purchased but Im unsure if that will be allowed by newsteem rules :D I think proof of stake pool for SAND will be useful, but i will ask my local users if we need it. i may be able to spend that 1000 ENg better on Scot Tube, so i can have a local SAND tube site for locals to upload videos as that may add more value.

Thank you to @gerber who works on many @steemleo projects for @khaleelkazi Without him i wouldnt have been able to get a solid grasp of Scotbot and how it works. Once I have my own community on "autopilot" with local San Diego steem users all feeling like they have a stake they can be proud of, then i can begin helping create the Los Angeles and Bay Area tribes under Steem and @eoscalifornia

I then hope to create a system for local city based Blockchains in every municipality on Earth. TelosDAC and a telos based SAND token airdropped to all EOS SAND holders will allow me to create local government solutions, and I hope to ONE day import Robert's Rules of Orders into an online local government Social media system for public local government meetings that can one day be sanctioned by the city. Until then we will use social media, steem, EOS and telos to record all local city government meetings and start integrating local city government databases into the steem EOS & Telos blockchains. This is one fo the more advanced goals of SAND and will be something saved for later in 2020.

(One of the many goals for SAND is a Local Universal Basic Income LUBI for Local San Diego residents, many of which have already registered for numerous legacy social media, a foundation for establishing REAL locals that cannot fake this sort of long term social media presence. Anyone whose been a part of the or any San Diego based meetup, craigslist post, facebook group or twitter hashtag can without a shadow of a doubt be designated as San Diego locals. No one would be part of San Diego based social media unless they were from or had a connection to the city. Im allowing for a large margin of error as no one will be angry if we canonly reach 100K out of 2 Million citizens. I will however, try to print some sort of paper wallets or vouchers and use Direct mail to allow some older residents to claim their 1 SAND Direct mail is an expensive but sure fire way to Guarantee the SAND is reaching a local as we use PHYSICAL mailing addresses to send the SAND voucher :D That is expensive and will be saved for a later date, but 1 thousand to 10 thousand direct mail letters is possible and I may actually mail out some brochures or hire people to make legal mailbox drops of brochures etc. I will also look into an ad and story in the local reader magazine.

Once the template for city based steem tribes and eos tokens is better fleshed out, I even hope to contact the PR department for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about investing in Steem and EOS for their NEOM future city project, and I hope to get through to them by showing them all the great work we have done on Steem, and for the possibilities of the KARMA app to begin reflecting well on the Kingdom which can begin to show itself adapting to new human rights demands. As the Saudis are building a golden age future cyberpunk city in the desert on SAND I feel my SAND project is very fitting for Saudi Arabia, or maybe UAE as Dubai could be more open to a national cryptocurrency project. UBI for Saudi Citizens using cryptocurrency could allow them to take care of their population using Social media itself to manage and circulate an investment of only a few billion dollars. The resulting bull run on a saudi backed EOS and steem based cryptocurrency could allow Saudi Arabia to learn from the Blockchain experience, and get themselves ready for EOS VOICE, allowing Saudi Arabia to create their own EOS token for finance and fundraising, allowing Saudi Aramco to get to their 2 trillion dollar fundraising goal.

I hope top unite the world with steem and with my Global Governance project @uneos-io will become a Model united Nations on the Steem and EOS and Telos blockchains.

To get a better grasp of why telos is important for SAND and e-government, just get a telos Account by downloading SQRL Wallet . Using this app, a fork of greymass, will allow you to learn more about Telos and its governance and get a free telos account and I will send you 1 free telos courtesy of @telosfoundation and their generous support of my work to promote telos on steem and vica versa ;)

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OH And I will be emailing MONACO at which hhas a Crypto Debit Card and an App to exchange coins. I will request to list SAND on this App, so people can deposit SAND, and spend it on their Monaco debit card. This could be my chance to get SAND accepted on a Crypto Debit card, as Bitpay is BTC and BCh only and Cashapp is BTC only.