SAND token applying to be listed on Monaco Debit Card App + new SAND Github created.

28일 전


i am applying to get SAND listed on monaco card so people can spend it on a real debit card in real stores in san diego.

I am also going to start filling the new SAND github with all the documents and data about SAND's Steem and EOS airdrops and future planned airdrops. is new and i shall begin having fun filling up documents and charts explaining SAND and its technical foundations etc. I posted the white paper and will post the Airdrop list i used for EOS SAND.

I will post all my steem related documents and copies of steem json transactions for when the token was created. Ill even have a list of EOS accounts i used to airdrop EOS SAND to when i used to airdrop sand before the newdex listing. We will also post documents relating to the Steem based airdrop using @steemairdrops which @gerber helped us immensely with. Most important thing is i show the statistics of people using and the #sandiego tagand have a plan for the future purchase of sand by thousands maybe tens of thousands of local users


if you need a monaco card or a Crypto debit card Or for another option, which is also free and gets you $5 when you use it to spend $5, use the Cashapp BTC debit card However this one has only BTC and Monaco has over 30 coins. Im hoping to get SAND one of them soon.


if you need a free Steem blockchain account just text 619 500 3748 with the reason for your request and get a free Steem ninja Invite Link. Ill be happy to give accounts to anyone for a project or a friend or family. And especially to any Local San Diego or Southern California residents! I have a lot of work to do finding as many local steemians as possible and creating videos advertising the use of to be used instead of reddit or even craigslist, IF i can organize posts using tags and categories. With Steem Communities coming out I hope to create the San Diego Community but until then i will casta wide net all over legacy social media from to Facebook groups for San Diegans especially local san diego crypto.

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Sounds very promising 👍

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