Fuck your mask, you sheep, take them off or fall off a cliff. Boys are little girls with dicks. A boy has to become a man. But until then, he aint. He has to have the dreams and arrive. Eventually, a boy can become a man and begin to understand his role, his place. Take off your masks you fucking sheep. Duck duck dance.

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2020-10-19 - Monday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-19 - Monday
Published in October of 2020

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Satan Savannah

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Facebook sent me a notification saying Paramount Pictures rejected my fair use claim on a video I uploaded probably in 2016 when I was teaching English and I was showing my student It's a Wonderful Life or something. Now, the troubling thing is that copyright enforcement really goes through judges, throgh government. It does not go through the companies who hold the copyright. They do not or are not supposed to enforce their own copyright and yet big tech would have you believe they do it that way like I said. This thing happened to me as they terminated some of my YouTube channels. That is not how it works. Theya re violating copyright, specifically fair use for example.

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Belongs to:Content Protection Paramount Pictures
Response deadline: Oct 26, 2020
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Reason for dispute: All of the material in the video is your original content and you own the rights to it.
Submitted: Oct 16, 2020
Explanation: Fair Use, Safe Harbor Act, Facebook is of the Government. Facebook is a platform, not a publisher.
Reason for appeal: All of the material in the video is your original content and you own the rights to it.
Submitted: Oct 19, 2020
Explanation: Fair Use

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I love America more than SNL.

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03:16 AM - Why Disney World is Open but Disneyland is Closed - COVID Aftermath

It is the fault of the governor of California, not to say that the Disney CEO, Bob Iger, is a saint, by no means.

Red Guy

03:20 AM - Sunday Live - October 18, 2020 Owen Shroyer

World Beyond

2020-10-19 - Monday - 03:50 AM - 05:00 AM - TWD: The World Beyond 103

Cooking. Zombies. BBQ.

Forest fires and zombies

Mark Dice

10:04 AM - Guess Who's Back!'

Dear fake news, if you don't want Russian Collusion, then does that mean you love the American constitution, the founding fathers of the USA, the Bible, the founding principles to our very nation? Logically, that would be the conclusion.

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10:15 AM - MON 10/19/20 INFOWARS LIVE 9 AM

Human nature vs animal nature

Boys are little girls with dicks. A boy has to become a man. But until then, he aint. He has to have the dreams and arrive. Eventually, a boy can become a man and begin to understand his role, his place.


12:00 AM - 03:15 AM - Flashlights check. Work gloves. Wait, no, water proof gloves, check. Walk off in the dark. Oysters. Buckets. A deer walking on the beach. A starfish. 2 jellyfish. Small crabs. Don't walk on the oysters. Lost the 4 inch yard stick or inch stick. Still have the 6th inch one. I talked about the sticks I made last Sunday, not yesterday but Sunday before that. I made 12, 6, 4, and 2 inch sticks. Dozen at 4 inch. Maybe more than that. Some were smaller or between 4 and 5 inches. Over 2 dozens at 6 inches or more I think. Cereal later. not yet.


05:00 AM - 09:45 AM - Almost 5 hours and I slept around 2 hours up until midnight last night. Was resting for a minutes and even sleeping after 4 AM as well.


In one of my dreams I'm flying around or looking at Google Maps to see the cities around Forest Grove, OR, my hometown in Oregon, in America. Was looking at the different places and cities between FG and Hillside where we would go to a Bible club at the Hillside Bible Church. In real life, there are not and is not many cities or any cities between FG and Hillside but the map was bigger in my dream or it included more of Oregon perhaps. I'm looking at trees and then finding bigger ones and then bigger ones and I was like on the hunt for things man made. I wanted to see the best. But trees are not made by people but they are planted. But in my dream, it was like trees were and then I looked at an old Buddhist temple made or rock, stones, etc. It was like a thousand years old and right there towards Gales Creek. So, I was also looking at buildings and trees and looking for the best thing made be it tree or tower or whatever. It was all the same to me.

Another dream continued from that point where I am flying or walking with friends at that Buddhist temple and some of them might be Vietnamese or who knows what, I think like ten or less of my friends. I remember the temple or whatever it was and I don't remember other places. I go to one Vietnamese lady who might be like 25, the one glasses who worked at Purio. I told her I was physically attracted to her and hugged her. I was basically saying I liked her and couldn't help myself. Or it might have been Hanoi Anna. It might have been a hybrid of at least those two people, a composite or most likely it was more the first girl. But probably a combination of people like I said when I think about it in retrospect.


10:01 AM - Honey nut cereal. Coffee. The sun is out. Went back to sleep a little off and on until 11:50 AM, less than 2 hours.


1 PM or so, lunch meat sandwich. Sprouts around 4 PM.


06:00 PM - tater tots or as I would like to call hashbrowns. I didn't see any mini hot dogs but there may have been some. Also, cinnamon buns. I drank soda. Too much food. 4 Isaacs. First, Isaac didn't sit in his normal spot, so I did. I can be Isaac. Joseph was the other Isaac. Daniel was the 4th Isaac. We are clones. If an Isaac falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Good role playing game. Only broke character once. Duck duck goose and 4 corners game. Later, hide and seek tag in the dark. Dancing they did a bit. 22 I counted.


All day working on the chicken thing. Did the finishing touches on the first three sections of the nesting box roofing. Got some plywood. Nerf gun for like 30 minutes around 4 PM.


Jesus said people should be like children. I was raising my hand and was going to say children can be open minded.

Stand Back

You can stand back and analyze. I've written articles about Halloween and Christmas and I should write more. Laughing loud. Hear it on the phone. A moment of silence. Hello Stella the hamster. She talks. No, it was Daniel. But it was role playing. Stella wanted some food. To be or not to be. Keyboard. War noises. Animal sound effects from the music keyboard piano which came from my mom I think. Narnia would be fun to watch. I sat there or stood there until now, like almost 2 hours, and now it is 09:42 PM. Eating a nice stir fry thing.

Mandalorian trailer for season 2

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