How to earn money on steem, the easy way. (Satire) (Profanity warning)

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If you think this post will help you earn money while I wallow in poverty, then f*** you. But if you help me earn money by sharing this post, then that's another story. Then this is for you, The first rule to earn money on steemit is to stop reading this post you are quite literally wasting your time, but if you enjoy reading this post, here's a quote by, I think Russell "Time spent enjoying is not time wasted", there's your justification. But the irony is, this post might infact help you earn money, hear me out on this one, if this post does earn money, you'll have an idea on what to write, haha so not all useless, right.... and f*** you haters, I made it, momma's gonna be so proud.

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