That Sudden Moment When ...


you realize that from now on you want to be:

Steward at soccer games


Under Cover Policeman


Cave Scientist


She: working "on the black"


He: a good actor

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This is a picture that looks very funny, sir. I laughed when I saw these photos. but in my opinion this is a satire. Hehehe

1.) Sometimes We Have to expose Ourselves to Get Noticed
2.) Sometimes We Should Not to Take Thing Literally
3.) Sometimes Love Is Blind That Is A Kind of Stupid Love Already LOL @smasssh

Ok...that last image, everything is wrong. Like very wrong😂


Say "cheeeeeehhheeeeeese"! 😂

The cave scientist really got me there really bad hahaha, he could make for an archeologicist too 🤣🤣🤣


Or maybe he is just shy ... :-)

Wow! Very interesting pictures to enjoy. But I found "satire" in your tag, I thought twice about translating it again, hehe.


I use that tag rather often, because I don't want people to take my "jokes" and funny twists personal.


I think most know you by now ...


Yes sir! Happy to enjoy your posts. 🙏


Thanks, glad you like it.

Life's a trip...

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Really funny pictures