SSTEEM Asset Liquidation

4년 전

Due to the recent changes in the Steem economy:

  • storage of a Steems in Steem Power became less attractive from an investment point of view
  • providing of liquidity for Steem Power is no longer relevant (Steem Power can be withdrawn into Steems in 3 months instead 2 years under the old rules)
  • possession of liquid Steems is no longer accompanied by the loss of their value

Thus liquid Steem meets all requirements of Satoshi•Pie policies and can be returned into portfolio.

SSTEEM asset will be liquidated by following procedure:

  • Satoshi•Fund will make buyback of SSTEEM
  • SSTEEM holders will receive SPIES with same value instead SSTEEM
  • snapshots of asset price and holders will be carried out at January 21, 2017 12:00 GMT
  • no action required from SSTEEM holders
  • Steems stored at satoshifund account will be included in Satoshi•Pie portfolio
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  ·  4년 전

Steem Power regulates influence in the forum. The shorter power down schedule makes it possible to be more flexible with having liquid assets or powering up. In my opinion it helps decouple the forum from the token more, which makes Steem a more attractive investment, and has Steem Dollars which allows speculation purely inside the one platform, another feature that now becomes more relevant for this use case.

I don't really understand what's going on in your post. Care to explain a bit? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.


If you do not have SSTEEM this post not relevant for you


Oh okay.


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