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Today, the status of gold as a standard of value goes into digital field. Bitcoin – digital gold. Bitcoin is limited in quantity, requires mining costs and is used as payment instrument. The launch of Bitcoin has led to the emergence of software in the industry based on the blockchain technology and the emergence of Bitcoin analogs, offering to solve actual problems or expanding infrastructure for using Bitcoin. Due to the fact that the share value of the total Bitcoins is estimated at 50% capitalization of a crypto market, others digital assets are called “Altcoins”, implying “an alternative asset Bitcoin». The creation of over 2000 altcoins led to the emergence of followers and development of a speculative market of crypto assets, which can be conditionally divided into 2 types:

– Cryptocurrency is a unit created as a universal payment instrument based on computer encryption protocol and not controlled by third parties, such as governments and central banks. Decentralization is an essential sign of cryptocurrency.

– Token is a payment unit created as a payment instrument inside infrastructure environment of the company, with partially or fully centralized device. Tokens can be secured and unsecured. Below, we will return to this issue. Sometimes tokens are compared to stocks of traditional companies.

And the crypto market can be compared with the traditional speculative stock market, where altcoins are quoted assets and Bitcoin is a quotation asset.

The society is at the beginning of launching a new type of crypto assets – centralized government cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. In the meantime, Bitcoin continues to take place as the main cryptocurrency, attracting the attention of traditional capital owners more and more often.

Due to lack of infrastructure for ordinary consumers who use cryptocurrencies in everyday purchases, the main value crypto assets – use as speculative instrument. Volatility, the exchange spread, and sufficient liquidity are necessary to attract the attention of speculators to any market, and Bitcoin has these three components for speculation.

Saturn is a platform for direct cross-chain exchange of crypto assets.
Decentralized protocol – a symbiosis of the convenience of direct atomic exchange and the reliability of a third party guarantor. Legal and secure transactions for crypto market players.
Our purpose: the creation of a qualitatively new, liquid and secure market for crypto assets.

Saturn is a symbiosis of convenience & security of direct atomic exchange of crypto-assets and reliability of the third party guarantor.
Our purpose : the creation of a qualitatively new, liquid and safe over-the-counter market.
Saturn launches Exchange and OTC trading Platform for Cryptocurrencies
based on crosschain protocol of exchange Swap. The plans of the Saturn team to provide
of P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies and brokers.

Escrow ➤ December 2108.
Saturn - secure legal transactions between owners of crypto-assets with third party warranty - direct exchange protocol.

OTC Crosschain Trading ➤ December 2018.
Selling and buying large amounts of crypto-assets is not a problem anymore. Secure over-the-counter transactions through the atomic exchange protocol (from wallet to wallet) are relevant for holders with large amount of crypto-assets, early investors and team members of blockchain startups.

OTC Auction ➤ 3Q 2019.
Buying and selling a large amount of crypto-assets at the best proposed price. Security of transactions, settings for the execution of the order and low commissions will make the search for a seller or buyer more accessible and safer.

Exchange of atomic transactions ➤ 4Q 2019.
Saturn launches P2P trading based on the protocol. Saturn is additional liquidity for cryptoactive assets with low liquidity, safe cross-exchange and convenient interface in your browser.

Transactions with EURO and USD ➤ 1-3Q 2020.
Saturn is working to make a fiat currency exchange infrastructure for all directions: atomic exchange, over-the-counter crosschain trade, over-the-counter auction.

Platform :
Atomic exchange protocol Swap for crypto assets
The direct atomic exchange protocol allows for the exchange of crypto assets, initially incompatible blockchains, without the participation of a third party. For example, through an atomic transaction, it is possible to exchange Bitcoin for Litecoin directly from wallets. Swap exchange protocol guarantees mutual execution of the transaction by the parties or cancellation of this transaction if the bilateral terms of the transaction are not fulfilled.
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In our example, Bill has Bitcoin, and Sarah has a XSAT token. Let’s say, Bill wants to buy an XSAT token from Sarah, and Sara is ready to sell it for Bill’s Bitcoin. Through the Swap protocol, Bill and Sarah make a transaction, receiving a counter asset, provided each of them fulfills the terms of the transaction. If the terms are not fulfilled unilaterally, nothing happens and more importantly, the loss of the crypto asset that was planned for the exchange does not occur. The exchange described in the example is already implemented in the Swap protocol.

In order to create a liquid market for poorly liquid crypto assets, Saturn Platform launches Token Sale. As part of the launch of the Saturn Platform, 1,000,000,000 XSATs were issued, of which 750,000,000 are offered to purchase during Token Sale.

XSAT is a liquidity token of the Saturn Platform.
The token liquidity model is based on flexible exchange options for more than 300 cryptoactive assets, inside the Saturn Platform and free XSAT conversion to the main quoted assets : Bitcoin, Ethereum, US Dollar.

The team plans to use the funds collected in exchange for the XSAT token, for ensuring the liquidity of the assets demanded by the community. For this purpose will be used 51% of assets, from the total number of collected assets. The remaining part of the collected funds will provide a reserve that will be used for the development and the company progress.
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Token Sale is planned in 3 stages:
Private sale
This stage began on November 17, 2018 and will be completed after the launch of the OTC Saturn Platform, while collecting the minimum capitalization required for the next stages and platform development.

It will start after the completion of the Private sale and the launch of the atomic Swap-exchange of XSAT tokens on the Saturn platform. Pre-sale will continue for 2-4 weeks. By the opening of the sale to a wide range of buyers, we plan to implement atomic XSAT transactions with 100 cryptoactive assets. Our team is planning to open Presale in middle of December. The final decision about start date of the stage will depend on the fulfillment of the goals set by the team at the Private sale.

Public sale
The start of the Public sale is scheduled on January 2019. Our team must do a lot of work in all the previous stages, so it’s impossible to tell the exact date of the opening of the Public sale. At the stage of Public sale in the Saturn Platform, will be available to purchase XSAT token in exchange for approximately 300 crypto assets.

At each stage, the XSAT price and the list of accepted cryptoactive assets differ. Up-to-date information on cost changes and the start of a new phase will be available on the project website.

After completion of Token Sale, the Saturn team will continue the implementation of roadmap articles. The XSAT Token will be available for trading on our platform, after completing Token Sale. Also, during the implementation of the project, following the principles of a fair price, we plan to place XSAT in popular crypto exchanges.

Issue of XSAT tokens and its distribution model
Single issue 1,000,000,000 XSAT.

Private sale
No XSAT available for sale
1XSAT = 0.075$
saturn 5.png
Completed December, 22

148,100,000 XSAT
transferred to Pre-sale

No XSAT available for sale

1 XSAT = $0.115
Completed February, 6
saturn 5 2.png

388,700,000 XSAT
transferred to Public Sale

638,000,000 XSAT
1 XSAT = $0.13
saturn 6.png

1 XSAT = $0.130
more than 300 crypto assets available for payment. Watch for community voting. The full list will be published before the start Public sale.

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Final stage Token Sale Saturn Black
Token Sale Saturn Black has moved to the final stage. Public sale will go until March 6.
At the previous stages, our project distributed 111,500,000 tokens offered for sale at prices ranging from $ 0.075 to $ 0.115.

At the stage of Public sale, the price of 1 Saturn token (XSAT) is $ 0.13, and the minimum check is $ 50.
We reserve the opportunity to purchase the token at a lower price for buyers from $ 5000. To purchase at a discount contact us at or at Telegram @saturn_info.

Buy Saturn Tokens (XSAT) now

From the idea until today, the Saturn Black team developed the project mainly due to the own investments of the team members. Thanks to the community feedback, we were convinced of the viability of the business model of the project, which is based on the supply of liquidity to the crypto markets.

At the moment, the project has gathered a certain pool of altcoins and launched trading operations on them in existing markets. We also continue to contact with the blockchain project teams to find partners interested in supporting the liquidity of their own markets.

Our team is continuously exploring the crypto markets and expanding the list of assets accepted for payment. We are ready to accept more than 150 crypto assets in exchange for the Saturn token and plan to expand the list to 300 items. Project representatives and investors can contact our team to discuss the integration of Saturn Black liquidity systems on their markets.
Saturn Platform Team :
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Supported by Partners.
The Saturn Black business model focuses on partnerships with time-tested companies. Our team is pleased to investors and projects interested on integretion. Join the community !
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Saturn exchange will create a new approach to exchange the crypto assets for cryptocurrency market. With these advantages of Saturn services, it will offer the more flexible and liquid transactions. Saturn Black will become an exchange which is more secure, more liquid and faster.

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