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  ·  작년

Na- welch dummer Arschlochdownvotepenner bist Du dann mal wieder??

I bought like 8000+ sports on the market.

Then went ahead to stake 9,000+ token to my sportstalk account. With the transaction link below.


Congratulations @cloudblade, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @mk-sports-token!
@mk-sports-token got 6 TRDO & @cloudblade got 4 TRDO!

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I just bought 9000+ sports on the market and staked 11,900 sports in total. I intend to buy and stake more as the week runs bye.

Gooop Jobs Buddy,..Keep On Sports
Have fun,... I have made a bet / saved 110k sports tokens this week

This My Entry, cheks It:

1 Season

Stake sport 9000k.jpeg

2 Season

Stake 20000 Sport.jpeg

Staked 27,000+ tokens today.


My transaction page refreshed before I could copy Tge transaction link, I had to tour the whole of steem-engine and steemd for these 👇

more staking for me. 😁.

I staked 150,000 sport today and am reaching my goal of 1 million sports staked, sooner or later.

Transaction ID

this time around I didnt miss the link to transaction ID like the last time. heheh 😁 💰 💰

I have done according to your post. I will continue stake to sports talk community.


Transaction Details:

I got plenty more of those the last couple days :)
I'm using the steem I got selling SPORTS early on when it was extremely overpriced to cost-average buy back more now at current prices

Here my transaction Info of 5000 SPORTS token stake for your (@mk-sports-token) kind consideration right now:


Thank you very much upvote me. I am really inspired.

I dont think I can find 5000+ in one single TX. I have staked many many times, every day, in a small portions, as soon as I get them.
Staking over 1.2 mln now

Are previous (old) stakings allowed? I have all in about 50K staked currently.

I staked 2 million sports token. Please support. Regards

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A tak przy okazji - poszedłem dziś za twoim przykładem i pierwszy raz wysłałem SPORTS do @sportsvoter.
Jeśli ludzie nie zaczną "spalać" tokenów (zyskując upvota od sportsvoter), to cena wkrótce sięgnie dna.
Ta inicjatywa z upvotem za zakup tokenów jest super, a może warto było by zorganizować podobną akcję w stylu "upvote za skorzystanie z bota sportsvoter"...?


This is 'buy' transaction, please link to 'stake'

  ·  2년 전

Hey @mk-sports-token I've 26603 Staked Tokens. I am curating the Platform from @steemincome's side. I've added your name in my upvoting list and i've created a curation trail of you in steemauto and started following it.

that's a lot of stakin!


I have stake 100 515 sports you will see in my wallet

If you support me too, I am so happy. Thanks

  ·  2년 전

@mk-sports-token additional sports token to come and more more more..

Investing 80 steem on sports, 48000 sports pending @mk-sports-token


Here is my new stake, only 149 SPORTS, but my total is 19k staked, is it good enough?