// Save The Reef // Time To Be Aware - Time To Change

2년 전

Hello everyone,

This won't be an article speaking of cyber security today. I just wanted to share with you Save the Reef project. It makes me realize how much we don't enough know how quick our planet and our lives will soon radically change, forever.

This video should make you realize that we have no choice but change.

Things are accelerating and will affect us and our child much more than we could have though. Scientists from all over the world are agreeing on the fact that we must act, NOW.

Anyway, I am not perfect and this post is not aimed to make you feel guilty of all of that. It just aims to make you aware of it.

Thanks for watching,


As me, you can support them by taking a look to there shop. It is not expensive and can at least help them to give us a chance to save the reef. And therefore humanity. (Of course if you have the opportunity to go help them on the field, just think about it)



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