Steem & Steem Dollars and why I think they will fly higher.

4년 전

Steem Dollars otherwise know as SBD has hit the headlines in the community, its up a whooping 1000% in a little less then a month. This is a meager gain compared to what's going to happen. I know I sound crazy but the whole cryptocurreny markets are going crazy right now. For the first time ever I think crypto is entering the mainstream market.

We've already seen explosive growth for the entire industry, most of the crypto community agrees things are just getting started. Coinbase is reporting more users then Charles Schwab if you don't know what Charles Schwab is you'd be surprised to know that it's a leading brokerage firm & bank based in the United States for investors. See the article here at cnbc.

Imagine, the entire stock market is huge. The client base for leading brokerage firms is huge.
Our markets are getting massive and there are only so many tokens to choose from. The massive growth in user base & adoption is going to have massive effects on demand, with the limited supply of tokens the laws of supply & demand will take effect. We will see an unprecedented effect on price action.
We're already witnessing it with the limited supply of valuable tokens and the huge demand that is growing for them globally were going to see large gains and I really don't think its going to stop anytime soon.

Hi my name is David Castello I'm new to steemit and the cryptocurrency community. I'm a self-taught individual investor that trades options on the US stock exchange. I will be sharing my knowledge I have gained trading and reading about the financial world around us.. I have no holdings in any tokens but I will be making my first cryptocurrnecy transaction after this post. I plan on purchasing STEEM and SBD. If you liked this post please up vote me and follow!

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