Why is it so complicated to purchase STEEM/SBD Huge Platform ISSUE

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This is a repost from about three years ago can anyone catch me up to speed on any changes to some of the detrimental determinants I listed below
Please comment with some helpful knowledge to this matter, it will be well received (upvote) .

For the past 24 hours I have concluded that it's relatively impossible to purchase STEEM/SBD easily.
Issues I have ran into:

* Random middle man websites like blocktrades to issue buy/sell orders without revealing what you're actually paying (not listed on an exchange).
  • High transaction fees, for example sending $100USD worth of bitcoin from my coinbase account to blocktrades incurred a network fee of $16.00 which doesn't even include the $5 fee to purchase bitcoin in the first place.
  • Where can I purchase STEEM for USD? I don't like bitcoin.
  • How do I know I can trust these websites? I feel so insecure and to be part of something I feel like I have to take a lot a risk, very discouraging.
  • These are all issues I've found with the media token thus far and I'm sure the list will grow as I delve deeper into the web.

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If you’re going from Coinbase, use Litecoin instead? Much lower transaction costs than for Bitcoin.