Edited post - SBD?


I'm reviewing the situation with SBD. Conversions were not enabled on the platform of Steemit. Anyone got any ideas?

Edit: I did find this Steemconnect functionality to get the conversion done, just supply your own values.

Here is the post about it, looks like converting is still possible using Steemconnect: https://steemit.com/sbd/@timcliff/how-to-convert-sbd-into-steem-using-steemconnect

Very important because the markets while in a panic, may not provide decent pricing or liquidity for SBD. The convert always had risk because it's 3.5 days while the price of Steem might do anything.... yet if the market fails to peg SBD back up to $1, it's the preferable mechanism of trade.

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You can use steemworld.org

Yeah, what the heck is up with SBD?!

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The only way SBD can price correct is if people can convert... I can see nothing that this functionality was disabled on the blockchain, so I'm assuming only those with full nodes can convert now? Was a lot simpler when Steemit.com enabled conversions.