Influence of steemit on the economy of venezuela # 2

3년 전

a few months ago, write a post where he talked about the influence of steemit in the enconomia of venezuela, at that time, the topic was the reference about what a Venezuelan generated with a minimum monthly salary working 5 days a week and what you achieved purchase with a day or week of work.

In those days, the salary did not reach even 1,000,000 bs which currently is not absolutely nothing, the price of sbd was higher in dollars, but as here in Venezuela the inflation increases every day, it is incredible to believe, but Venezuelans who live day to day we know and that when going to the market and see the price of a product to know that this price is not fixed, since days later it will have another high price than before and so for each day that passes.

This is the salary referred to in the aforementioned, did not reach a million

And the dollar goes up every month a little more and more, but if you are in steemit that goes up is not so bad news for you

The people of Venzuela that make use of the steemit platoforma, can achieve so 2 SBD per month are generating much more than the current minimum salary, the minimum salary is not enough to subsist in Venezuela comfortably, steemit gives you the opportunity to invest a little of your daily time, so you generate good monthly income, you can generate much more than you think, and you can invest, do not worry about the SBD to Bolivares exchange method, in my other publications are the pages where you do The transactions are easy to perform and reliable.

This is 2 pages of which you can make your transactions easy and reliable and good technical support

Steemit is not a platform that will make you a millionaire overnight, but neither is it that you can not achieve it, with enough time in Steemit you can have enough to live comfortably in Venezuela with the current situation, imagine what you can do with a stable economy. So you already have an idea of ​​what this platform has to do with the Venezuelan economy, they give you the fishing net and they teach us to fish too over time, just your motivation and desire to learn, and do not worry that when you are learning you see fruit, not much but if you see something to help you with the minimum things, only work hard but intelligent and remember this whenever;

"In Venezuela we are in the worst situation, but at the best moment"

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