SBD Price Hit 46$ on Hit BTC!!!!! Hurry Up everyone..

2년 전

Hello everyone, SBD price has been fluctuating throught the past... But what i saw today was nothing more than a shock to me...

Steem Dollar price has hit 50$ on HItBTC, a very well famed BTC exchange..  Here is the ScreenShot :

So Go and avail this amazing offer and don't forget to remember me in you Upvotes..! And don't forget to resteem this post so no steemian remain unaware of this news..!

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They don't accept transfers at the moment

Please note that deposits are temporarily unavailable due to technical maintenance. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Tried my best!!


I too tried my best ;)


But I guess you had some more luck??


Same like you dude.. The world ain't good with us..!