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Steemworld has a GUI interface for converting, it's much more user-friendly than either the CLI or SteemConnect methods.


Thanks for the heads up. Just gave the SW interface a try for a conversion. Very easy to use.


Got a link? I've had a powering up guide for new folks rolling around in the back of my head.


It's Go to Balances and Convert SBD.


Thank you! I was able to use Steemworld super easy! Very helpful.

Yes right it good time.

Turns out 2 days later is an even better time to trade SBDs for Steem ;)


convert uses 3.5 day market average.


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Am not sure am gonna trade, am going to leave my sbd just like that. Though j know how to exchange it on steemit site by just clicking market.

Sbd has finally become the stable coin of all Steemians.

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Thanks bossman, I never knew you could do it like that on steem connect!

It's to be hoped that SBD will never again "pump" - "stablecoins" are one of the biggest opportunities in the crypto space and attract a lot of investment and attention. We have one of the most advanced stablecoins in the space - even if it's only as robust as our eco-system. We should all hope it stays within a -5% / +5% band and doesn't pump.

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The steemconnect convert API is badass! So much easier than how I have been doing it.

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Yea I definitely need to add this to SteemPlus as well!

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It is a good time to do it, but on the flipside, SBD has become our very own stablecoin, probably in thanks due tocthe witnesses tinkering and so Id personally suggest a more measured approach rather than simply converting the lot into SBD ...but if you have Steem Power you can delegate into great projects and....
Oh I wish you'd shut up with your sensible advice, I'm in a quandry now!

Too much liquid Steem out there and this boost the pressure on the price.

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  ·  2년 전

yes, agree with you , a good time to convert sbd to steem ,make your sp bigger .

It's a fantastic idea. Will do for sure.

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Fantastic post Mr. Mark and great suggestions with good snaps. I particularly love the cat gif at the bottom. love.

Super helpful and easy method. I was under the impression that this was a bit of a difficult process lol.

And here I thought I had to exchange my SBD on the market before I could power up. You learn something new every day!

It is never a good idea giving this kind of advice. Luckily I changed my SBD now, for 0.50c exactly. That is a huge difference.

Were you hoping Steem would go up in value? I saw no indications it would do so, which makes me wonder where you got your info from.

Oh well, as they say, it is all a gamble, sometimes we win, but usually we lose.


It is never a good idea giving this kind of advice.

It's never a good idea to give any advice because someone always disagrees.

Were you hoping Steem would go up in value?

I will always trade SBD to Steem when I see I will get a lot more Steem for my money. Is it ever the perfect time? Not likely, but in the long term it will pay off.

I just use the Internal Market on my Wallet ...

I like the idea of this, good shit.

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