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PSALM 50:14

Offer unto God thanksgiving, and pay thy vows unto the most High. Vs.14

Thanksgiving is not only a highly priced Spiritual substance and a passport into God’s presence. It is also a form of meal to God.

God clearly declared that being the owner of the earth and everything in it, He knows exactly where every beast of the field is. In other words, God knows the location of every element that constitutes our food on earth.

Most people tends to hide their crop harvest from God as if He was not the One who gave them the harvest in the first place. Can you truly hide what you have from the One who gave it to you?

The attitude of most people makes God hide His needs from them. If God has a need and He hides such a need from you, it is most unfortunate. This clearly shows that there is no intimacy in your relationship with Him.

If God needs something and you are in a position to meet that need, but He bypasses you to inform someone else, it could mean that you are either unacceptable to Him or He has rejected you like He rejected Cain. If you are truly one of God’s own, He will not hide His needs that you are empowered to meet from you.

God asked in;

PSALM 50:13

Will I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats? Vs.13

This means that when God is hungry, it is not for the food we eat but for a special food called thanksgiving. Hence in verse 14, the Psalmist says, Give God thanks. Giving thanks is a special type of meat that God likes.

The way it is presented to Him will determine its grade, it could be ordinary, special or even a delicacy.

Serve God thanksgiving with an attitude, fervency, genuineness and originality that will make it a delicacy to Him and see if that meal will not provoke Him to give you a blessing.

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Indeed thanks giving is the only food God enjoys, we can't cook real food for him like rice, soup etc for him, we can't fetch water for him but he is always pleased to enjoy our worship, our praise and our Thanksgiving.

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post @evegrace.
Good bless you.

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@glotokens Amen and thanks to you.