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God who created us in His image has expectations for us. This is because He created us in His image and has made provisions that we be able to reach where he predestined for us and as well become who he created us to be. At the end of our journey, it is expected that we give a report of our stewardship to God. This is called "ACCOUNTABILITY".

“So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.” - Romans 14:12

The above scripture among many others clearly depict how God demands that we all will give an account of our stewardship. We will tell God how well we put to use, the talents and gifts he gave to us and how we were able to show forth His praises and give Him glory in the midst of men. So it is with every project we undertake under God as obtainable in @Steemchurch International Ministries.

Techtarget defines "accountability" as an assurance that an individual or an organization will be evaluated on their performance or behavior related to something for which they are responsible. This behooves that accountability is tied to an assignment. The terms pf reference which was drawn for the assignment is the basis to which an officer is to be held responsible.

Accountability is very necessary in a ny organization that heads towards success as it gives a check for a worker to complete a given task and/or probably a room for explanations where the target was not met. Accountability calls for frequency in communication of the successes or hitches in the front towards achieving a purpose.

The essence of periodic accountability is to measure whether we qualify for further responsibilities or not. It is therefore very paramount that we fix our eyes on the blueprint of the goal we are pursuing in order not to deviate from it. When we fix our eyes on the goal and see ourselves gradually moving a step further, it builds more trust for us as we journey.

"He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?" - Luke 16:10-12

Many people will not agree with the above scripture but the infallibility of God's word cannot be doubted. Our inability to be at our best in little projects will definitely show our vulnerabilities in more serious projects. By implication, the @Steemchurch leadership is interested in knowing how well you are thriving in your personal projects. This will build our trust in your capacity to handle community projects.

However, we must be conscious of the fact that where a goal was not set and objectives clearly defined, it would be impossible to measure successes.


  • As of now, we have 2,147 SP. We call for more delegation towards the targeted 10,000 SP by July ending. Thank you to all who have delegated.
  • Collation of registered members of Steemchurch International Ministries have begun. Endure you have declared your membership to enjoy the coming blessings.
  • In the meantime, curation will be focused on parishioners who have declared their membership in @Steemchurch, stating how they will assist to build the community with their skills and resources as well as their life project which the community will be so glad to support them to a successful accomplishing.


1. Follow @Sc-n

2. Delegate SP to @Sc-n

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100 SP50 SP20 SP10 SP5 SP

3. Join the Curation Trail

4. Resteem our submissions for wider reach.

5. Declare your Membership to @Sc-n and @Steemchurch

  • Feel free to make a video, blog post, designs that clearly define your willingness to be a part of @Sc-n and her programmes.
  • State your skills and talents and how it will edify @Sc-n and @Steemchurch at large.
  • Note: (Every Steemchurch parishioner must be a part of either of the five parishes we currently have - @Sc-n @Sc-g @Sc-v and @Sc-philippines ansd @sc-v-sucre
  • State your willingness to support @Sc-n with delegation and help in the project support, overall development and goal achievement. I have to state here that in @Sc-n, we target a 10,000 SP delegation by the end of July, 2019.
  • State your personal project and how it will be linked to #ChristOurHope as well as the grand vision of @Steemchurch.

Every parishioner that makes that declaration will be awarded a Certificate of Membership signed by @Sirknight. The certificate is beautifully designed by brother @edxserverus. Feel free to use your certificate and our newly created banners as footers for your #sc-n and #steemchurch posts.

Read here for more information about Steemchurch Nigeria

We pray God's blessings to the great supporters of Steem and Steemchurch: @Sirknight @Sniffnscurry @Darlenys01 @Theycallmedan @Destinysaid @Newhope @Charitycurator @Christian-trail @Curatorhulk @Thecryptodrive @Adollaraday @Pennsif

Long Live @Steemchurch International Ministries
Long Live Steemchurch Nigeria - @Sc-n
Long Live Nigeria


Your Chief Servant

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This message has the support of @steemchurch International Ministry, the community that leads the crusade for freedom through the love of Jesus, freedom of the body, soul and spirit to impact the world. Created on the blockchain steem and expanded to the improved blockchain Telos.

Read more about our vision here

Steemchurch is a community that establishes social projects in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and the Philippines, educating and training children, so that they are men and women who change history tomorrow.


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world

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