Maximize your Daily 0.01 Acorn gift to "acornwell.jc" to Join #TelosPrayerChain: for the Freedom of Christian Families

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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” ― Apostle Paul (Philippians 4:6-7, NIV)
"Never stop praying” - Apostle Paul (1 Thessalonians 5:17 , NLT)


Over the weekend, while brainstorming on Steemchurch Telos Village and the impending blessings and what we could actually do for and with Telos, I was caught-up in an revelation that our daily gifting of 01 Acorns to "acornwell.jc" can become a prayer link that will change things for Christian families.

Just while on the reflect, I remembered that Jesus had fore-warned us not to be anxious about anything because our Father in heaven knows our needs and will always meet with them in a timely way. That was when the above shared scriptures came to mind and I decided to share and introduce to you what I tag #TelosPrayerChain

As the name implies, #TelosPrayerChain is simply a web and consistent prayer activity which is channeled to a particular telos (purpose). Like I have emphasized in my first two blogs on The telos of Telos series of teachings, Telos expansion of the Steemchurch is for a purpose and we must always be conscious of it.

The 2nd teaching on The telos of Telos series titled "GIVING - A lifestyle to Imibe on Telos, An Investment for the Future!"" emphasized the need to be a giver which will qualify us to receive.
The 1st teaching on The telos of Telos series titled "Why make a wish on Telos? Bear in mind "security, openness, transparency, and opportunity"" emphasized the need to be conscious of supporting the purposes of Telos blockchain and Steemchurch expansion.

Prayer is the means through which God has established that we receive His supernatural help. In the place of prayer, we communicate with God and pour our vulnerabilities to Him. Prayer is that spiritual exercise that distinguishes Christians from the world. Christ, our model did express his dependence on prayer and it resulted in amazing results.

Truly, the grace of God flows to us through prayer, thus, prayer becomes central, not peripheral, in our lives and families as well as our ministries.

Thus, as we seek to achieve the grand purpose of liberating families and Christian friends, we have to engage the tool of prayer which will certainly ease our efforts. This will be possible through #TelosPrayerChain.

With #TelosPrayerChain, it will be necessary that we send daily 0.01 Acorns to "acornwell.jc" with the memo indicating a word of prayer to God to help our mission come to fruition.

How to send Acorns with a #TelosPrayerChain entry

The procedure to achieve that is as follows:

  • On your sqrl wallet tab, Click "Send Tokens"
  • Fill in Recipient as "acornwell.jc"
  • select Token as "ACORN'"
  • Type in amount as "0.01"
  • Write a PRAYER in the Memo
  • Confirm transaction

Below are my 2-days entry for #TelosPrayerChain

TelosPrayerChain Day #1 - Dear Lord, open the eyes of Christians that they may see their inheritance and wealth in Christ - Amen

#TelosPrayerChain Day #2 - Dear Lord, stir a desire in the heart of Christians for you, for in you all will find prosperity - Amen. (Psalm 42: 1-2)

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Contact Steemchurch:



FILL THIS FORM and use uyobong.jc as referrer in the questioned screenshot below


Don't forget to fill this form:

I see Steemchurch Telos Village. beyond a "conventional village setting." As captured above by @Sirknight in the working proposal, Telos Village is a community for the prosperity of the community.

A shout-out to the great supporters of #steem - @sirknight, @sniffnscurry, @Surpassinggoogle, @theycallmedan, @Singhcapital @Aggroed @pennsif, @adollaraday, @fundition, @charitycurator, @curatorhulk, @partiko @Darlenys01 @top-exchanges @Clixmoney

I am UYOBONG MBABA, your brother, teacher and analyst


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Excellent @uyobong, we are on the right track consolidating the Steemchurch Telos expansion.

Very informative post


Thanks @Dwayne16. I hope you join us!


Am all in. Am part of this already, Thanks high priest

Great idea Brother Uyobong. However you don't need to send prayers just to acornwell. We can send prayers with acorns to each other. We can build prayer chains across all the parishioners of SteemChurch. I will leave you with this to think about.



Great thoughts you shared @Sirknight. Really, with this modification, we'll have all Steemchurch parishioners join he chain in an inclusive manner. I'll be back on this.

God bless you.



...even beyond steemchurch parishioners

It's a welcomed idea and development. I must applaud you for coming up with this.

From my own perspective, sending it to acornwell alone is not enough. Why don't we use it as an avenue to send messages of hope and messages of Christ to members on the Telos Blockchain, especially to members not in Steemchurch; that's if it's possible!!

Since spreading of the gospel is also a major goal and aim of the church. We could make our presence known on the blockchain in this regard.


Yeah, looking into that. SN had hinted on that above. Thanks

Good job priest


Thanks Apostle