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"But the seed sown in good soil represents the
who hear the message and understand it and give a good
harvest "Matthew 13:23

If I listen and obey the word of Jesus Christ, I will produce
good actions in my life.


Have five or six different types of seeds prepared on the table.
Examples: watermelon, orange, apple, flower and pumpkin

When the children arrive, tell them to examine the seeds and guess what
what types of seeds are Tell the children before you start the class
types of seeds that are on the table. Ask them how they think something so
small as the seed of a watermelon can be transformed into such a fruit
big and delicious

Sower is another name for farmer. We will see four different groups of
seeds in these lessons. We will see that although Jesus was talking about seeds
In the parable, in reality, history refers to people. Today we will see that
the seeds that fall on the road are like people who have no interest in

Matthew 13: 3-4, 19
(Parable of the sower - the seed that fell on the road). Ask him
to the students who follow the reading from their Bibles.

That day Jesus left the house and sat by the sea. And
he was joined by many people; and He entered the boat, sat down, and
all the people were on the beach. And he told them many things
by parables, saying: "Behold, the sower went out to
plant. And while I sowed, part of the seed fell together
to the road; and the birds came and ate it. Party fell in
rocky, where there was not much land; and it sprouted soon,
because it had no depth of land; but the sun came out,
burned and because it had no root, it dried up. And part fell between
thorns; and the thorns grew up, and they choked it. But part
He fell on good soil, and he bore fruit, some hundred, some sixty,
and which one to thirty for one. The one who has ears to hear, hear.

Questions to discuss:

to. What does it mean to plant? What is another word for someone who sows
b. In our history today, where did the seeds fall?
c. What happened to the seed that fell on the road?
d. Will we reach heaven just to hear the Good News of Jesus?
and. Does Satan try to steal God's message from our hearts?
F. Why would Satan want us to forget God's message?
g. How can we not forget the message of God?

Go to the park or the forest and walk with your child. While they walk on the path
and enjoy the beauty that God has created, ask your child why the
Grass does not grow on the path. Listen to your answer, and if you do not know the answer,
mention that when many people walk on the path, it is almost
impossible that the grass grow. It is similar to the spiritual growth of our
lives and the obsessions that spiritual things can take from our
lives We must take time every day to hear the voice of God. We can
complete that by reading the Bible, praying and praising God every day.
Be grateful for the blessings of God and be grateful that He wants to take
time to be with each one of us.


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